Free Lesson – It’s a Matter of Perspective

The integrating self grows in confidence and is open to other perspectives.

As the new integrated self builds its new habits, it makes choices based on its core values. It acknowledges the merits of its own perspectives and isn’t hesitant to uphold them. It isn’t threatened by other ideas that question or oppose its own. It is willing to listen, learn and understand other perspectives. If the self cannot agree, it knows when to respect the difference and when to oppose fairly. The new self knows how to harmonize and contribute to greater fairness, equality, and the joys of life. It cannot be threatened to silence. It is confident and secure enough to allow other perspectives to co-exist peacefully.

Take Action

Whenever you feel too attached to one point of view, pause and remember the beach ball. Both views are right. When you include both views, you have more to work with.

Visually represent the perspectives.

Keep an open mind.

Take your time. This is a process. Take in other viewpoints. Can the new view enrich your own? If not, is it simply because it’s different from yours? Are there merits to the other view? Are you able to see its value even though you don’t agree? If it isn’t a good idea, would you be brave enough to oppose it? Every decision you make has an impact. I know that the new you and the new me are going to choose mindfully.

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