Becoming Whole

The Journey Home

Go on a creative exploration of integrating your inner child and present adult self.

This is a process of aligning the right and left brain, or the feeing and thinking parts of yourself.

Move through six lessons that help visually record this empowering process of becoming conscious of yourself and accepting yourself as a complete, unified, sovereign being.

  • The Inner Child: It is time to give the silenced inner child a voice to speak with us again.
  • The Journey: The inner child’s life journey begins to tear it away from its own truths.
  • The Fragmentation: The society’s need for conformity widens the gap between the inner child and the growing self.
  • The Tower Moment: The self feels torn between its obligations and disappearing dreams, desires and worth.
  • The Leap of Faith: Despite its fears and doubts, the self takes the leap of faith!
  • The Integration: The self is ready to bear the discomfort that might come from realigning with its own truth and re-integrating with its core self – its inner child.
  • It’s a Matter of Perspective: The integrating self grows in confidence and is open to other perspectives.

Your guide

Mou Saha

Mou is an artist, author, teacher and speaker. She has been published over 800 times in print media, appeared on PBS TV shows and taught workshops around the States, in Europe and online for Creativebug under JoAnn, Etc., Big Picture Classes, Michael’s, Get Messy and many more. Mou’s background as clinical psychologist fuels her ongoing quest for wellness through daily creative and spiritual practices. She has represented brands like Faber-Castell, Anna Griffin, Sizzix Ellison USA, etc. and been a freelance writer since 2005. Mou is a mom of three humans and one canine and lives in New Jersey, USA.

Lesson Plan

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