Free Lesson: Reverse Zines

A reverse zine is a zine that starts as a sheet and becomes a mini journal, rather than the other way around. It uses the magical power of cropping to make your art look absolutely gorgeous no mater what it looked like before.

It’s my favourite “hack” when I’m struggling with overthinking, perfectionism, and just being in my head too much.

Allow it to become your favourite hack too.

Caylee Grey

First and foremost, Caylee Grey is a journaler and artist. She’s also a wife, mom, and the Fairy Artmother of Get Messy.


I used:

  • papers from old books, old invoices, and the Flow Magazine
  • Kremer’s neon pink watercolor
  • my regular Kuretake Brush Pen No. 24
  • leftover neon yellow paint (it’s Schmincke acrylic)
  • leftover white texture paste
  • neon yellow spray paint (I love Montana Gold)
  • found poetry
  • reprint onto frosted transparent inkjet printer paper (PPD is the brand I use in Germany)
  • Tombow tape runner and Pritt glue stick

Download my base zine collage

Save this PDF to your computer, print it out, and fold it up. Add to it to make it your own. 

Action Steps


make a reverse zine

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