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Lesson Plan


We love people who make art, and if you’re here then we love you too

Lesson 1

So what the Frida Kahlo is art journaling?

Lesson 2

It’s not about the tools, it’s about how you use them

Lesson 3

The breakfast of art journaling

Lesson 4

How to do the actionable inspiration thing

Lesson 5

Prompts are real life art catalysts

Lesson 6

Art friends are not like regular friends

art journaling is the foundation of living a creative life

You may be wondering: uh, what’s an art journal? The honest and totally unhelpful answer is: whatever you want it to be! But here’s a more helpful answer:

An art journal is a notebook that you fill with drawings, paintings, thoughts, words, lyrics, photos, magazine cutouts, and ephemera from your life.

Your art journal can have lots of words or no words at all. It can be pretty and messy or just messy. You can use it to practice art techniques that interest you, to document your life, to express your emotions. Ultimately, art journaling is about you and your unique life and your art journal is there to accompany you on the journey.

With Get Messy, art journaling is our medium for creativity. It’s not about final art pieces to decorate the walls of a gallery or your home (though we will totally support you in that endeavor). It’s about creating for the sake of it and doing so with a community of other creators cheering you on.

 In this class we’ll show you exactly how to start. Today. With everything you already have.

Your teachers

Lauren Hooper and Caylee Grey 

Lauren and Caylee are the co-creators of Get Messy and have helped thousands of creatives start art journaling. Lauren is the super tanned one and Caylee as pale as the pages in her Moleskine. With two vastly different art journaling styles, you’ll get two unique insights into art journaling. 

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