get exactly what you need to start art journaling right now

art journaling is the foundation of living a creative life

Art journaling is our medium for creativity.

It’s not about final art pieces to decorate the walls of a gallery or your home (though we will totally support you in that endeavor).

It’s about creating for the sake of it and doing so with a community of other creators cheering you on.

 In this class we’ll show you exactly how to start.


With everything you already have.

Your teachers

Caylee Grey, Fairy Artmother at Get Messy Art, Amy Maricle, Mentor at Mindful Art Studio, and Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd, Sister Witch at Art Witch Academy.

We are three artists who are wildly enthusiastic about the magic of art journaling.

We mushed our creative super powers together just like The Avengers or the Justice League to create this class for you.

Lesson Plan


We’re Caylee, Vanessa, and Amy. We love people who make art, and if you’re here then we love you too.

Lesson 1: Journals

So what the Frida Kahlo is art journaling? Take a look inside our journals.

Lesson 2: Supplies

It’s not about the tools, it’s about how you use them

Lesson 3: Recipes

The breakfast of art journaling

Lesson 4: Inspiration to Art

How to do the actionable inspiration thing

Lesson 5: Prompts

Prompts are real life art catalysts

Lesson 6: Connection

Art friends are not like regular friends

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