Messy Conversations

Ep 015: You’re not going to be the best until you’re the worst first

Messy Conversations is a series of interviews with amazing art journalers who share their favorite tools, tips and why they art journal. You’ll get an exclusive peek into their art journal pages and their process. We have a top-notch line up of incredibly artists who will appear on the show each month. We hope that these interviews educate, encourage and inspire you to make something before it’s even over.

We’re here today with Alicia Schultz. She’s @vineandthistle on Instagram. She is one of our creative team and one of the mess makers this year in Get Messy. We love her work and we’re so enthusiastic to have this conversation with her.

Takeaways from this episode

  • Moving to New York and exploring other creative outlets
  • The misconceptions she had about the term “artist”
  • How thinking about starting a business turned into daily art journaling practice
  • Her rituals for creating
  • Random photos on her phone
  • Experimenting with new colors

Extraordinary Thoughts

I had a misconception about art, that you would just be naturally great.

You’re not going to be the best until you’re the worst first.

Whatever time I can get to make, I just get right in to making.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of getting out of our comfort zone.

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Alicia Schultz

Alicia lives in Portland, Oregon. She loves to create intuitively and freely and let the art come out without holding back. When it all comes together on a spread, it feels magical, meaningful, and like a deep breath for her soul. The worst part of art journaling can be the in-between stages. When she’s just finished a journal and is getting ready to start another, sometimes she needs a small break between the two. It’s as if she needs to come down from finishing and get into a new state of mind to start the next one! Her favorite dinosaur is the triceratops because she says she relates to that three-horned dino!

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