Messy Conversations

Ep 008: If you really want to inspire yourself, don’t be on Pinterest

Messy Conversations is a series of interviews with amazing art journalers who share their favorite tools, tips and why they art journal. You’ll get an exclusive peek into their art journal pages and their process. We have a top notch line up of incredibly artists who will appear on the show each month. We hope that these interviews educate, encourage and inspire you to make something before it’s even over.

Today we are chatting with our favourite Dubliner. Karen Gaunt is a master of all trades. She’ll try anything artsy and we haven’t seen her try anything that she hasn’t completely excelled at. It’s not really fair. But good news for us – she’s really open with the lessons from her hard work and talent. And she’s an absolute darling to talk to. It’s the final episode for the season and we couldn’t think of anyone better to end it with. Big things are coming for Messy Conversations season two. Yay! To tide you over, you can listen to the How She Creates podcast. Wink wink.


  • Karen’s entry into art journaling and her need to “make art”
  • Karen’s unbelievably great first art journal page ever
  • copying others in order to find your own style
  • Karen’s take on prompts
  • the Get Messy Swap and how it grows your art
  • how trying everything leads to great art and evolving style
  • Karen’s talent for translating inspiration of all types into an art journal page
  • inspiration!
  • Karen’s process from inspiration to art
  • a gelli plate demonstration from the original gelli plate queen

Tips for beginners

  1. You have to copy from other people in the beginning – that’s how you learn
  2. Don’t buy the cheapest, or the most expensive, art supply – buy the one in the in the middle
  3. Start with one thing – acrylic paint is the perfect place to start because it’s cheap and versatile
  4. Don’t get overwhelmed and start small

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In How to Start Art Journaling, we’ll walk you through the art of art journaling, including how to start doing (🙌) and make your very first art journal page (even if you’ve never even opened an art journal before).

Extraordinary Thoughts

“The prompt is the starting point for me and then I just go with it wherever it takes me”

“Everything I’ve done has brought me somewhere else… it’s moved me along”

“If you really want to inspire yourself, don’t be on Pinterest”

“Life’s too short for cheap paper”

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Karen Gaunt

Karen is an Artist. She arts like a boss and believes that you should too. Karen loves Poppies, triangles, colour and hand lettering. She’s all about the process and loves to complete pages that take days to make and ones that take minutes to make as well.

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