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How Katie Jones avoids overthinking by making art

Why do you love art journaling?

It’s just fun! I’ve always admired great scrapbook pages but felt a little restricted by the style, Art Journaling means freedom to create and just throw anything down on a page and make it art.

Describe your art journaling process?

I’ll have an idea or the theme in mind and then I’ll start unpacking all my supplies, scraps of paper and fabric etc and start laying them out on the paper until something comes together.

What tips do you have for beginners?

Feel free and just start! There are no rules, use the themes as a jumping-off point and let your creativity take you where it wants to go.

What do you do when you don’t know what to make?

I browse through Pinterest, my boards and then a few from my favourite creatives.

What are your must-have supplies? What is your journal of choice?

Anything pink, sequins, magazine cut-outs and I prefer to use loose paper in a project life 8×6 binder. I love handmade paper which I buy at Paperchase.

How did you get started in art journaling?

I just kept seeing it in my feed on Instagram and decided to have a go.

How do you manage to have your pages so gloriously bright, and still clean and almost minimalist at the same time?

I try to only use a couple of methods on each page and always include some bright colours. I tend to be unhappy with pages when I try to cram more in.

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You’re really great at having a lot of elements on your pages that work so well together. What is your process when deciding which ephemera and paper to use together? Do you just throw it together and hope it comes out nicely? Or do you have certain considerations?

I tend to choose things by colour. Colours that go well together, or that all have the same tone, but beyond that, I just throw it together. When I think too much it doesn’t work.

Do you use your own photography in your art journaling pages? Do you just take a whole stack of photos and choose from the pile when you need an image? Do you ever take photos directly for a particular page?

I don’t take photos specifically for a page and rarely use them at all. If I do it’s normally for a page about a particular event or holiday and then I’ll just choose one of the photos I’ve taken, normally with my Instax.

What are your top three photography tips?

  • For objects use bright backgrounds, coloured card stock is the best.
  • Always take photos in natural light.
  • Take fun, candid portraits, they hold more memories than posed portraits.

Does your focus on goal setting and your One Little Word (balance) find its way into your art journaling?

I keep these things in mind and try to journal around them where I can, for example, the page with the David Allen quote; ‘You can do anything but not everything’ is a reminder to have balance and not put too much pressure on myself. Also for me, just the process of art journaling means balance. A balance between my work life and my creativity at home.

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