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How Kate Meduna finds inspiration in her everyday surroundings

Kate is from Moscow and loves crafty things.

Why do you love art journaling?

I love the creative process of making something. It’s the time I dedicate only to myself. I can do whatever I want and I won’t be judged. Most of all it is just fun for me.

Describe your art journaling process.

I almost never plan on what I what to come up with on the page. I just have an idea or a quote that gets me going. I like starting with putting something on the page. Sometimes it’s paint sometimes bits of paper. The process begins when I realize I don’t like the first layer so I start covering it. This is how it begins for me.

What tips do you have for beginners?

Take out whatever art supplies you have and put them on your desk. Start trying them out on the page. Lines, shapes, dots etc. Just start! It takes some practice to know what you like more but it will definitely come to you. Watching tutorials is very helpful too. Don’t be scared of copying someone else’s work. It’s fun!

What do you do when you don’t know what to make?

I like taking pictures of flowers. When I don’t know what to make, I open my photos in the phone and sketch them. Once I start it almost always gets me in the creative mood and I go with the flow. I tried Pinterest but it’s a bit overwhelming and I end up somewhere else like internet shopping!

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What are your must have supplies? What is your journal of choice?

Acrylic paint in neon pink and black are my number-one love. I prefer my journals to have thicker paper for that matter. I have at least 2 journals that I work in at the same time. They are usually different size and paper and I find balance in that. I like to have a choice for what I’m in the mood now.

You make the most gorgeous journals. Tell us all about the process, your tips and if we can buy one.

Thank you! I love making journals, binding books, altering books into journals. And I almost never use them myself! The process of making them is more fun for me. Once it’s done, I want to move on to something else. That’s why I’m more than happy to give them as presents and sell. You could text me on any social media or check out my etsy shop.

​You share so much emotion in your pages, but without so many words. How?

It seems more natural to me. Also I don’t like my handwriting!

You travel often, but always have your art journal with you. What are you favorite travel supplies and what are your tips for making time to make while traveling?

Art journaling while traveling is the best! I absolutely love coming back to the place I stay and stick down all the found ephemera to the page. It is so relaxing! There’s so much inspiration around. I want to slow down a bit and grasp the moment.  I take any journal I have, a few gel pens, glue stick and scissors. I like popping into art supply shops so I always end up with more supplies anyway! More on travel journals here. 

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Kate Meduna

Kate is from Moscow and loves crafty things.

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