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How Art Serves as a Form of Worship and Prayer for Cheryl Angelini

Why do you love art journaling?

It’s my way to be creative. I love trying different techniques and mediums. It’s even helped me with my anxiety.

Describe your art journaling process?

I start with a picture that inspires me.  Sometimes it is a quote or Bible verse.  Then I decide how I want to work around that. I always start by laying down gesso on the page (s). Then color, papers, stencils, sometimes stamps and doodles.  I love texture paste too.

What tips do you have for beginners?

Don’t be afraid to start.  Don’t get into comparing your work with someone else.  Everyone has different styles and inspirations.  Use what you have or buy the basics. You don’t need all the new releases, as tempting as they are.  In time, you will find your style and what things you love working with.

What do you do when you don’t know what to make?

Pinterest inspires me.  Art journal boards, even color combinations and photographs.

What are your must-have supplies? What is your journal of choice?

Must-haves for me:  gesso, acrylics, stencils, texture paste, spray inks, old scrapbook paper that I can alter. I like to use a 7 x 10 Canson mixed media journal although I am loving playing in the altered book we made for season of words.

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Could you give some insight into your collaging process? Do you simply lay elements on a page and hope for the best? Or does each element have an exact place that it needs to be?

I grab a few scrapbook pages that look good together somehow.  I mix in papers with text.  I start with one paper, tear it into different sizes and lay down on the page. Then do the same with my other papers.  Move them around til I like the layout and then glue with modpodge.  Next, I usually, but not always, put a thin layer of gesso to tone down the layout. I spread some acrylics over that with a paintbrush or just swiping with an old gift card.  I then stencil, spray, whatever inspires me for that layout.  I just want the picture or the quote to be the strong focus..

You really rock the detailed background, and somehow have a knack for not having it distract from the rest of the page/ What are your favourite ways to create backgrounds?

Collage, gesso, lay down some color, definitely use stencils.  I love layering.  Don’t be afraid to layer elements on top of other elements.  Like use a stamp over a stenciled image.

How do you incorporate stamping in your art journaling?

Sometimes I like using alphabet stamps for a word I want to stand out, or even for a short quote.  However,  I usually use stamps as part of the background.  Usually one of the last things I will add to a page to add interest or more layers.  I hope they blend in and flow as part of the page.

A lot of your art journaling pages are prayers. Is it your way of worship, or is it just how you express your spiritual feelings?

Art journaling can be a form of worship and even prayer for me.  I may include a Scripture verse right on a page, or enclose a prayer into a mini folder.  I have also used hidden journaling where my page started off with writing down prayers, frustrations, even sadness and it gets covered up with all the layering I do.

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