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Loose Watercolor Flowers

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Since I started sharing my loose watercolor floral painting, many of you left me comments saying that it is not easy for you to let go of control and trust the paint to its magic.

Hopefully, today’s tutorial will give you a chance to relax and loosen up with watercolors. I challenge you to be fearless and experimental. Do not try to fix anything, even if it seems like a disaster. Trust me, when you are done with this painting, you will love all the “mistakes” and “accidents” you had along the way. 😉


  • sketchbook/journal/paper of your choice (watercolor or thicker paper is preferable or, at least, use gesso on top of thinner paper)
  • watercolor palette you have on hand
  • a round watercolor brush (I am using number 8, a bigger size brush, but choose what you are comfortable with)
  • a jar of clean water
  • a good mood and an open mind


Mix a few lighter colors and ly the first layer of your flowers

Mix darker colors and create darker petals by putting your dark colors on the previous layer while it is still wet.

Try mixing your own greens. Try blue+yellow in different proportions – this will give bright, yellowish, fresh greens. You can also add some red, blue, siena into your existing green color to tone it down and make a more earthy color. Experiment!

Add a few leaves, herbs, berries, twigs to make the painting more lively.

Try painting both bigger and smaller flowers in one “bouquet”.

Let loose!

Sasha Zinevych

Sasha is a freelance online English teacher from Ukraine, currently residing in Poland. She has been creative since very young age being raised in the family of photographers and actors. Sasha is a classic example of a “scanner” personality and often tries new creative things.