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Let’s Get Fancy: Taking collage further with your Gelli Plate

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Hey Messy Artists, it’s Julia here with part two of the Gelli Printing video tutorial!

I hope you have seen my first video and are having some fun with your Gelli Plate. In this video, I am going to share a few more printing methods and then a fun collage trick to start using some of your Gelli printed papers in your journal.

Download the five templates I have provided and let’s get started:


This lesson has two main parts:

1. More Gelli Printing – how to get interesting layers and effects

  • Apply paint with a brush
  • Use stencil download provided or make your own stencil and experiment with printing layers
  • Use store bought stencils and stamps with different thicknesses of paint and different paint applications

2. Take Collage Further

  • Lay out your printed papers by color so it is easy to reference, make sure you have all of your favorite colors and some black too
  • Using the downloaded templates, cut out the image you want to work with
  • You can also use the papers to enhance your background as in the video
  • Paste/glue in the papers onto your background


  • Gelli plate of any size
  • One or two paint rollers
  • Acrylic paint – your favorite colors and range of ‘body’ types
  • Range of 10-20 different papers – such as old book pages, deli paper, drawing paper, printmaking paper, paper that is already marked up, paper you printed on in the last lesson, rice paper, scrapbook papers…
  • Paint brush
  • Old credit card/gift card
  • Water bottle
  • Paper towels
  • Baby wipes
  • Matte gel medium or other collage adhesive of your choice
  • Scissors


Action steps

Print using the Gelli plate by:

  • Applying the paint with a brush
  • Rolling up two different colors of paint together with a roller, use stencils to print
  • Using liquid acrylic paint or a lighter body paint with your favorite stamps

Print multiple layers on the same piece of paper masking out with the stencil

Pick out a downloaded picture, cut out the pieces and glue on top of a prepared background

Julia Bethmann

Julia is a mixed media artists who works in collage, printmaking, painting, and drawing to express her personal vision that we are all connected through spirit and nature. Julia loves experimentation and layering color, materials, and patterns. Julia studied photography and printmaking at the State University of New York at Buffalo and Studio Art Centers International in Florence, Italy. Today, Julia sells original works and prints and teaches in person workshops on a range of topics including bookbinding, printmaking, and collage.