Let’s Get Fancy: Taking collage further with your Gelli Plate

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Hey Messy Artists, it’s Julia here with part two of the Gelli Printing video tutorial!

I hope you have seen my first video and are having some fun with your Gelli Plate. In this video, I am going to share a few more printing methods and then a fun collage trick to start using some of your Gelli printed papers in your journal.

Download the five templates I have provided and let’s get started:


This lesson has two main parts:

1. More Gelli Printing – how to get interesting layers and effects

  • Apply paint with a brush
  • Use stencil download provided or make your own stencil and experiment with printing layers
  • Use store bought stencils and stamps with different thicknesses of paint and different paint applications

2. Take Collage Further

  • Lay out your printed papers by color so it is easy to reference, make sure you have all of your favorite colors and some black too
  • Using the downloaded templates, cut out the image you want to work with
  • You can also use the papers to enhance your background as in the video
  • Paste/glue in the papers onto your background


  • Gelli plate of any size
  • One or two paint rollers
  • Acrylic paint – your favorite colors and range of ‘body’ types
  • Range of 10-20 different papers – such as old book pages, deli paper, drawing paper, printmaking paper, paper that is already marked up, paper you printed on in the last lesson, rice paper, scrapbook papers…
  • Paint brush
  • Old credit card/gift card
  • Water bottle
  • Paper towels
  • Baby wipes
  • Matte gel medium or other collage adhesive of your choice
  • Scissors


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    Action Steps


    Print using the Gelli plate by:

    • Applying the paint with a brush
    • Rolling up two different colors of paint together with a roller, use stencils to print
    • Using liquid acrylic paint or a lighter body paint with your favorite stamps
    • Print multiple layers on the same piece of paper masking out with the stencil

    Pick out a downloaded picture, cut out the pieces and glue on top of a prepared background

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