Ditch the dishes. Let’s make some art.

Embrace the messy middle

Hey, messy artist!

Want to unlock, unblock and unleash your creativity?

Come on in and join the art journaling community created just for you to spark your inspiration, grow as an artist, cultivate a consistent practice and connect with kindred creatives.

I can be who I want to be and express myself how I need to.

My art was very muddled before I joined. I was trying a lot of different reactive activities but would flit between them and not really enjoy the process. I felt that I was rubbish at art and that I wouldn’t find my own style.

I am now happier within myself as creating gives me an outlet – a way to be me and not just a mother, wife or teacher. The titles that limit me outside of art do not constrain me when I create. I can be who I want to be and express myself how I need to.

You’re creative. You’re meant to be, well, creating.

But hands up if the last time you created something even remotely artistic was:

The doodle you drew in the corner of your notebook during a dull class/meeting/phone call.

When you finger scribbled “WASH ME” on your, or somebody else’s, filthy car.

In your imagination, on the way to work/school/the dentist/some event you forgot to make up an excuse not to go to.

And hands up if you wake up almost every single day LONGING to create something?

Yikes. That’s a lot of hands.

But with the ordinary mundane (chores, bills, responsibilities and overthinking oh my) interrupting the extraordinary magic of your artistic expression, things can get a little messy.

I get it. Life first; art second, right?

Hmm, hold onto your paint palette, because I’ve got a plot twist for you …

Here’s the deal: You don’t need to devote hours of your day to your arty craft. Your art doesn’t need to be perfect, in fact, we encourage it NOT to be. And ONE simple and super fun art practice can change everything for you.

Forget drips of creativity followed by the kind of arty awkward silence that summons (un)inspirational tumbleweed and uncomfortable creative stagnation.

Get Messy is your official (signed, sealed and delivered) permission slip to flip off the dishes, tune out the chaos of everyday life and tune into the creativity within you.

It’s your invitation to ignore perfection, embrace making a mess and indulge in some serious fun.

Imagine how fulfilling your life would be if you could …

Beat procrastination and overthinking-itis and conjure the motivation, inspiration and dedication to create art every single day (sans stress!)

Reach your potential as an artist by learning and mastering new creative and artistic techniques.

Learn at the hands of some of the world’s coolest and cleverest artists and creatives (we have over 100 experts that teach in our community!)

Channel your emotions and ideas into an artistic practice that allows full creative freedom and experimentation.

 Be wholly, unapologetically yourself in a community that will cheerlead and create alongside you.

There’s a bunch of cheerleaders waiting for you to make the art you dream to make.

When I joined Get Messy I was looking for a community that shared the same passion as me. I was looking for accountability, and a way to loosen up my art and learn how to let go of my perfectionism. I started art journaling to clear my mind when I was depressed, but in the end it frustrated me because it never looked the way I wanted it to.

The results that I have seen in my art and personal growth since I joined Get Messy are enormous. My art has become more meaningful. I’ve learned to let go of expectations, search for the messy middle, and embrace the process. Because of the art habit that I’ve created for myself, I feel more balanced in my personal life.

The part that I most enjoy about being a Messian is to learn and communicate with other people who love art journaling as much as I do. The emails and support I receive are always very helpful and are a reminder to create.

If anyone is sitting on the fence, I would say join! It will be very wonderful to have you as a fellow Messian. You’ll immediately get a warm welcome and a library full of inspiration. There’s a bunch of cheerleaders waiting for you to make the art you dream to make.

The internet can be a hard place, especially when you are sharing personal art and details. I don’t think that there’s any other community out there on the internet that’s so supportive as the Get Messians. Art-wise, Get Messy has a huge library of challenges, prompts and lessons to pick from so you never have to go through another day without inspiration. They offer accountability and inspiration like no other. If you are open to it you can learn so much from other artists and Messians.

Joining Get Messy will change the way you look at art and yourself.

We believe in

  • making and embracing the mess
  • “happy accidents” – thanks, Bob Ross!
  • nurturing a creative habit
  • connecting with and being your fellow artists biggest cheerleader

We scoff at

  • perfectionism – seriously, let’s smash it with a hammer!
  • waiting for inspiration to strike
  • the idea that creating isn’t something you have time for
  • the lone artistic genius – that’s just not healthy for any of us

Six signs you’ve found your artistic sanctuary

Sign #1: You’re craving creativity.

You’ve got a busy mind filled with visions of things you’d love to bring to life, but there’s something(s) standing in the way of you making your art a reality.

Sign #2: You want to be more consistent.

You want more than just a few pieces of amazing art. You want pages packed and albums adorned with the inner musings of your mind.

Sign #3: You’re done with perfectionism.

Art – and life – isn’t perfect. And you’re done striving to be and do more when what you really want to embrace is the messy middle and knowing that you’re enough.

Sign #4: You want to create art for art’s sake.

Not to win awards, make money or prove your parents wrong. You want to make art because there’s a joyfulness and sincerity that creating art brings.

Sign #5: You want to grow as an artist.

Whether it’s because you feel stuck or out of creative luck, the idea of exploring, experimenting and learning from expert artists thrills you.

Sign #6: You’re tired of being a lone wolf.

There’s no reason why you should be stranded on an arty deserted island all by yourself. There’s a community of creatives waiting to connect with you.

Which is why Get Messy exists

Beyond GM’s digital doors, you’ll find your creative sidekick, artistic adventure and an inspirational sanctuary where you’ll always be welcome in – messy mind, paint plops, charcoal smudges, ink-stained fingertips and all.

Zero expectations. Zero pressure. All the fun.

It’s your time to become prolific (not perfect!)

I feel so much personal, mental, emotional, and spiritual strength.

Before I joined, I had the usual “am I good enough” and “how could I ever call myself an artist” monsters sitting on my shoulders. I really didn’t believe in myself. I did art as often as I could but struggled with inspiration and purpose. I felt unconnected. I needed motivation and inspiration.

I now have so much more confidence. I feel so much personal, mental, emotional, and spiritual strength. It’s pushed me out of my comfort zone and pushed me to try new things.

I love the welcoming community and connection, the tutorials, classes and prompts, and my fairy art mother, Caylee, and how she believes in me.

Janet Joehlin

Meet your fairy artmother

Hey! I’m so happy you’re here. I’m Caylee Grey. I’m your arty sidekick and behind-the-scenes magic-maker here to guide, support, cheerlead and encourage you on your art journaling journey.

Like you, I’ve had my fair share of being art-blocked by procrastination, perfectionism and pretty lame excuses (that were really just my fear wearing different outfits #sneaky).

But I’ve been through a journey of self-discovery to grow into the consistent, thriving artist (and art enabler!) I am today.

(If you’re into stories, head over here and read mine.)

Today, my mission is simple: I’m going to empower amazing, real-life humans just like you into a regular creative practice.

Because art isn’t meant to be exclusive. Art is meant to be inclusive. And lemme tell you right now, your life is meant to INCLUDE a whole lot more of it.

Curious what your arty adventure will look like?

Go ahead and take a peek…

Your Creative Home

A Dashboard for Messy happenings. The latest discussions, challenges, and your saved content at a glance.

The Community Heart

A safe space away from social media. Conversation for our hearts, and Galleries for our art.

Filterable Library

The Get Messy Library has junk in her trunk. Search by artist, art supply, type of creative catalyst, or by what you need. 

Live Workshops + Casual Hangouts

Weekly and monthly casual hangouts, guided workshops, and watch parties for creating together, and frequent live workshops.

A Library of Classes

100+ classes and seasons to encourage and guide your creating, with a new one released every month. 

A Wealth of Resources

Digital vintage ephemera, a prompt generator, and PDFs to help you create without overthinking it.

Want to see even more?

Our Library is available for all to see, although the insides are only for members. We even have some free creative catalysts (inspiration, tutorials, and prompts) – just filter by type. 

You can also view the list of Classes, and Seasons.

Who is Get Messy for?

We have a Messy Manifesto that guides the way we create.

If you believe in

  • making and embracing the mess
  • “happy accidents” – thanks, Bob Ross!
  • nurturing a creative habit
  • connecting with and being your fellow artists biggest cheerleader

Then you’re our type of human. 

Who is Get Messy not for?

If you believe in

  • perfectionism
  • waiting for inspiration to strike
  • the idea that creating isn’t something you have time for
  • the lone artistic genius

Then this is not the community you’re looking for (and that’s okay!).

Can I join in the middle of a month?


We don’t put limits on creativity. Members have access to everything inside the membership at all times. 

What's the library like?

There is a full library of classes for you to go through at your own pace. We don’t believe in being behind here. It’s creativity! If you’re creating, you’re ahead.

Each month we focus on one theme. Some members use the theme abstractly in their creating, some follow the prompts and tutorials that are part of that theme, and some will dig even deeper.

We all go through seasons in life – some are filled with more creativity than others, that’s just the flow of life. Get Messy is here for you to take what you need from it.

What skill level do I need to join?

Get Messy is focused on three types of people:

The Newbie

You may feel creative, but you aren’t acting on those feelings yet. Perhaps you have tried things like scrapbooking or knitting, and the idea of putting paint onto paper excites and scares you.

The Creative Dabbler

You are a maker. You’ve made stuff. Some may be art journal pages, and some may be other things. Things and stuff.

We dare you to give art journaling a real try. We’re like 99% sure you’ll LOVE IT.

The Art Rockstar

Our goal is to get you to this stage. The Art Rockstar is a gorgeous human who is creating art habitually – whether that means adding one element to your art journal each week, or finishing a double spread of art journal pages every day.

Get Messy is really good at being the catalyst to keep you making. All you need to do is show up.

Who will I be learning from?

Part of the Get Messy community means that you are inspired, but also that you are inspiring others. There are 100+ teachers at Get Messy, plus over 3000 members sharing their knowledge and art. 

Caylee Grey is your host and fairy art mother.

Here are some of our guest artists, featured artists, class teachers, and creative team members.

And here are even more insanely inspiring Get Messians.

What is your refund policy?

We have a 14 day money back guarantee. No questions asked. Just send us an email and we won’t make it awkward.

We recommend that you stay the month and give your artist self a chance. See how it feels and how it fits in with your creativity, and cancel at ANY time just by clicking on the link in your Account page.

I have more questions / I'd like to talk to a human

Shoot an email over to [email protected]. We have no problem telling you if you’re not a great fit. And we definitely have no problem throwing confetti into the air if you ARE our kind of person. 

A big beautiful bountiful buffet that we all get to take from and be nourished by.

In community, there’s room for all the voices. There’s room for all the experiences. There’s room for all the personalities.

There’s room for the newbie. There’s room for the person creating for 30 years and the beauty of it all is we all get to learn from each other, so a newbie might be bringing something to the table that even a veteran of 30 years has never seen done that way before.

All of us get to learn from the people who have been doing it for years and years and all of our voices influence each other to where we are in the process. Creating ways to do things that have never been done before and would never have happened had we not all combined our talents and our personalities and our quirks. If we hadn’t brought all that to the table, it never would have happened.

Our community is a big, beautiful, bountiful buffet of all different kinds of people, all different kinds of talents. I don’t even know how to word that. A big beautiful bountiful buffet that we all get to take from and be nourished by.

How it works

Let’s flash forward to when Future You makes the (very awesome! #highfive) decision to join our community. What can you expect?

When you sign up for your Get Messy membership, you’ll get:

A pants by choice Membership

Instant access to your own private membership portal so you can watch lessons at any time, at your own pace, with or without pants.*

* We vote for the pant-less option.

Creative Catalysts

A themed season of art led by a team of kind, creative and clever experts who host catalysts to ignite your creative practice. These include prompts, inspir-action, art technique tutorials, live workshops, and artist dates.

Baby got back

A massive library that archives the past NINE years of Get Messy for you to love and learn from. Click here to explore the library.

art classes

100+ classes (filled with teaching, prompts, and catalysts) led by our insanely talented artist-teachers.

Artist Dates

Digital art dates with artist-led live workshops so you can create alongside other Get Messians (community, yo!).

Love, kindness, and artistic nurturing

A dedicated place to ask questions, share your unbridled enthusiasm for your favourite type of glue and discuss living a creative life with others trying to do the same!

Basically, it’s a little dollop of weekly artistic awesomeness, designed to inspire and empower your creative practice.

your season of art starts here


$39 per month

Recurring monthly payment in USD, cancel anytime

Access to the entire Get Messy library – 100+ classes, 1000+ art journaling lessons, 100+ teachers

Access to the private Get Messy community

14 day awkward-free money back guarantee


$390 per year (2 months free)

Recurring monthly payment in USD, cancel anytime

Access to the entire Get Messy library – 100+ classes, 1000+ art journaling lessons, 100+ teachers

Access to the private Get Messy community

Awkward-free Money Back Guarantee

We want you to LOVE Get Messy. If you’re not totally feeling it, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money with 14 days of joining. No questions asked. And we won’t make it awkward.

Caylee Grey, Fairy Artmother at Get Messy

Get Messy offers scholarships and discounts to creatives in developing economies and economies in transition. Contact us if your country is standing in the way of your creativity.