Introducing the Season of Starting

Lauren and I have always planned our seasons the year before. They served as our guide for the year in our business as well as for our creativity.

This month is the first month without Lauren. I almost thought about changing the season. But it’s kind of serendipitous.

This month certainly is the Season of Starting.

We have 3.5 incredible artists teaching this season. The .5 is me by the way! We are sharing our unique experiences of starting at four very different points.

  • We have an artist starting with a fresh set of circumstances.
  • An artist starting from the beginning.
  • An artist starting again.
  • And an artist starting with a leap of faith, courage and freedom, in the face of fear.

This season is a mini one, and we have four weeks of tutorials, prompts, and actionable inspiration that will be the catalysts on your art journey.

You want specifics? Here is what this season has:

  • Our journal for the season: handbound journal (plus 3 tutorials on how to hand bind your own)
  • Seasons Intentions Hangout, where I’ll hang out with you and a few other newbies digitally, we’ll get to know each other and Get Messy, and we’ll finish binding that journal
  • Embodying the Fool: How to feel the fear and take the leap anyway by Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd (from the Art Witch Academy)
  • Live Masterclass with Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd
  • Re-start: Six beautifully practical ways to get back into journaling when you’ve taken a break by Tanyalee Kahler (from Brush Magazine)
  • How to start: Taking ideas and lessons from other artists to put them in your journal by Kelly Henson (a new art journaler who came over from the dark side [scrapbooking], and finished an entire journal after her first Season!)

Oh, and also our extensive art Library 😉.

We’ll teach you how, we’ll give you an entire art community of examples, and we’ll cheer you on.

You’re a visual person? Us too. Here are some peeks of the art you’ll learn to make.

Your host this season

Get Messy is led by Caylee Grey, a pantless entrepreneur and your fairy artmother, who with a swish and flick of her magic paintbrush empowers humans to live a creative life. She’s been collaborating with artists for over 6 years and knows a thing or two (okay, like a metric ton of things) about leading creative communities and cultivating and empowering others to cultivate a creative practice. Despite the rumors, she’s not actually a magical fairy being, but a business owner and mixed media artist who squeezes in her own creative time during her tiny human’s naps. Adamant believer in work/life balance and tough love.

Along with… 


Vanessa is an art witch who believes in the power of art and ritual for healing and as catalysts for change in the world. She loves to connect through teaching by creating inspiring art journaling classes on her blog, in collaboration with Get Messy and on Art Witch Academy. She is a nomad currently living Shanghai.


Tanyalee Kahler is an Australian mum turned artist. She loves creating mixed media art journals, dabbling with watercolours, publishing magazines (Hello, Brush Magazine!), and playing around with other creative outlets. Writing that all down makes her realise that perhaps she has taken on too much, but she loves being creative and will always find something to fill that space in her life.

Charlotte Erichsen

Kelly is a veritable mash up of mother, teacher, skater and newbie art journaler. In previous creative incarnations she has been a digital scrapbooker and an overly snap-happy photographer. She is currently tapping toddler hands away from her rapidly multiplying stash of paints and markers.

This. Right now. As you’re reading this is your last chance to experience the Season of Start along with 2000 other artists. We (me, along with every Messian) invite you in to take the first step leap and start.

If Get Messy is what you've been longing for, we invite you to join us

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