Introducing the Season of Reflection

Get Messy has come a long way. You have come a long way. I’m proud of us both.

This season we are taking some time to reflect on that journey. It’s time for us to take a step back and meditate on our character, actions, and motives. It’s time for us to reflect on at our magnificent art journey. To be proud of the steps we’ve taken, take lessons from the times we’ve wandered off course, and completely and utterly celebrate our growth.

There are a bunch of surprises for you this season and it’s kind of killing me to have to wait to share them with you. But join me with a journal in your hand, and enthusiasm in your heart. It’s the last season of the decade (!). Get ready to get messy…

You want specifics? Here is what this season has:

Week 1: Season Intentions and Season Intentions Hangout with Caylee

 We’ll set our intentions for the seasons and answer the four important questions to get your ideas out of your head and into a tangible success plan for a season of art. This season we will be focusing on creating Life Mind Maps.

Life Mind Maps are a fantastic way to reduce anxiety. They give a bird’s eye view of your life and helps you be objective. When you know exactly what pieces build up your life it makes it easier to see what’s important and assign value. 

Week 1 bonus: Japanese Ledger Binding by Kimberly Jones

Learn how to create a beautiful art journal with a quick and easy binding. The Japanese Ledger binding looks impressive but it’s very simple and can be made with an endless variety of papers and binding materials.

Week 2: Inner Glow: Shadow Box Collage by Amanda Hobbs

In this tutorial, Collage Queen, Amanda, will help you reflect on the places, moments and things in life that light you up. You’ll create a shadow box snapshot with a magical inner glow that will fold down neatly into your journal.


Week 3: Prompts + workshop – The 5 Paths of Journaling by Rebecca Kochenderfer

Journaling takes us travelling through wide-ranging landscapes and across wild terrain. This adventure is like a guided tour down five paths leading toward improved: emotional well-being, creativity, productivity, physical health, and mindfulness.

Week 4 : Transformational Tea by Meghan Deinhard

In this tutorial, watercolor pens and a squirt bottle magically transform paper towels, as the process of appreciation changes your reflections about yourself.


Week 4: Messy Mandalas by Clare Davis Etheridge

In this Artist Date, Clare will guide us on how to make a ‘Torus’ mandala base using a compass, along with a freeform method which needs no equipment apart from a pen or pencil and your imagination.

We will experiment with different methods including a collaged mandala.

This is a very meditative process that blends with our favorite marks, shapes, symbols, and ideas.

Week 5: Prompts + Journal Your Dream by Thea Østerholt

We’ll make a journal page reflecting on a dream we’ve had for this week’s Artist Date with Thea. This can be a recurring dream, a recent dream, or a daydream! Thea will guide us through a few practical starting points on going from dream to abstract interpretation or visual representation in your journal. 

Week 6: Silhouette Reflections by Joy Malcolm

The end of the year is a good time to reflect on the past year and our hopes and dreams for the upcoming year. This tutorial will show you how to combine written journaling and reflections with cut paper silhouettes to create a meaningful and cohesive art journal spread.

Week 7: Prompts + Reflection on the gifts of the Get Messy Community by Holly Janssen

Holly is here to help you reflect upon those thoughts from your very own “itty-bitty-shitty committee” inside your head.

She’ll guide you in a mindful art practice from unkind self words to positive affirmations.

Week 8: Show + tell by Shannon Yates

Take a peek into the thought process and art of Shannon this week. 

Giving serious thought to something is how Shannon defines reflection, and she’ll guide you through some areas of her life, her relation to that, and the values and beliefs that wrap it all up. 

Shannon’s art reflects all of this and more, and we couldn’t have thought of a better artist to wrap up this season and the year for Get Messy. 

Meet this season’s artists:

Amanda Hobbs

Amanda is a paper huntress-gatherer-weaver, residing near Edmonton in Alberta, Canada. She works under the name Mixed Matter Collage, exploring inner landscapes as a mindful practice towards her mental well being. Amanda believes wholeheartedly in the healing, interconnecting power of art and enjoys collaborating with other creatives. You can often find her in her introvert happy places: with her husband and two dogs, enjoying a walk in nature, thrifting or with her nose in a book.

Clare Davis Etheridge

Clare is a Brit in the MidWest, born in Lincoln UK, now living in America with her family. Her favourite flower is the sweet pea, spirit animal is a horse. What is guaranteed to make her feel mindful, energized and full of well being? Making art of almost any kind!Cindy walks, dreams and makes art. She listens to her feelings and has a rich inner life. Cindy documents her life through creative expression in many forms. She even writes about it sometimes.

Holly Janssen

Holly is a mom, teacher, artist, and creative living in Montana in the United States. She felt compelled to get back in touch with her creative side after nurturing her kids’ creativity for so many years. She found Get Messy in 2016 and has been playing with art almost everyday since.

Joy Malcolm

Joy lives with her husband and two children in New Hampshire. Her past experiences as an art educator, librarian, and in bookbinding and conservation have converged into a great love for art journaling and a strong belief in its power as a form of healing and expression.

Kimberly Jones

If it’s vintage, rusty, tattered, or torn, Kimberly Jones is there to rescue it for creative reuse! Though she focuses mainly on collage and book arts, Kimberly is an artful adventurer who dabbles in supplies and techniques of all kinds. Her latest obsession is slow stitching on paper and fabric which provides the perfect excuse for digging through those tempting piles in antique shops and thrift stores. If she’s not in her studio, that’s where you’ll find her!

Meghan Deinhard

Meghan is retired and living a life close to nature in the Idaho mountains. Her hubby built her an art studio where she spends her days happily making art surrounded by tall trees and lots of birds. She joyfully connects her spirit with the earth when she creates beauty with her hands.

Rebecca Kochenderfer

Rebecca Kochenderfer is Journaling.com’s founder and host. She is the author of Joy Journal, an uplifting collection of journaling tips and techniques. Rebecca is honored to hold this space for the journaling community to connect, thrive, and grow.

Shannon Yates

Shannon is a Canadian prairie / mountain woman. She is a recovering adult education professional of 40 years who eased into partial retirement 5 years ago. Her international work, co-business owner, 2 children, 2 step-children, 7 grandchildren, extensive travel provides her with ample experiences to spark creativity expressed through paint, paper and words.

Thea Østerholt

Thea lives in London with her fiancee where she works in a TV company that makes art documentaries. She loves to daydream and her favourite tea is earl grey.

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