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Please note that the link above will immediately launch Zoom. If this is your first time, please read below…

Photos by @divsy, @patternandpaper, @misty.granade, @knittyscrapper, and @cayleegrey under the #getmessyhangout

Zoom Tips

Zoom is kind of like Google Hangouts or Skype, with better video quality, and the ability to view all participants at once. You can find more information about Zoom on their website.

For the best possible experience, I recommend joining on a computer with a Chrome browser. You can click here to join on the day or copy/paste this link into your browser: https://zoom.us/j/4386377984 or http://getmessyart.com/zoom (note: if for any reason it asks you for a meeting ID enter: 4386377984)

It may prompt you to download a quick plug-in for your browser. If you’re like me and like to do things ahead of time, click here and it will automagically download it for you so that when you want to join the room, all you’ll have to do is click.

If you need to view on your phone or iPad you’ll be prompted to download the app to view, which you can do ahead of time if you like using one of the links below. The app ensures you’re able to have a great live viewing experience and still have access to all the great functions like chat and the polls!

Get Zoom for Android

Get Zoom for iOS

(note: if it asks you for a meeting ID enter: 4386377984)

When you click to join the hangout room, it will ask you to enter your name and email so we know that you’re here! Please note the name you write will be displayed in the chat so first name only is totally fine.

If you have any questions about joining or any problems, just email Caylee.