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Get Messy 2020

Hello my messy Messy Artists. I am here from the confines of my very messy studio to talk to you about Get Messy 2020. I am really excited for you to be watching this because it means that it’s not a secret anymore….

Grab your paintbrush. This is a long one…

The jump links are only clickable at a computer but if you’re on your phone, feel free to use the times as reference:

Get Messy’s Values

We believe in…


That we grow through play, learn through practice and that creation comes from embracing the beauty of the messy middle. The only thing not invited to this party? Perfectionism. Leave that guy at the gate.


That the starving artist myth needs to die (kindly but quickly), and that quality comes through quantity. That to do our best, we need to be willing to do the work, hustle and turn dreams into habits that we action every single day.


Being a creative soul can be lonely. Which is why we believe in support and supporting you through every stage of your artistic journey. Because we know that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


We might eat donuts as we dabble with paint palettes, but we’ll only ever consume (and provide!) the type of high-quality creative inspiration that feeds our motivation and fuels our art into action.


Being creative isn’t a curse; it’s a gift. And we are so grateful that we can make art. (C’mon, it’s pretty darn cool, right?) Which is why we’re unapologetically enthusiastic – and slightly nerdy – about learning and growing as artists.


This is a community genuinely and authentically rooted in kindness and compassion. We believe, first and foremost, in being a good human and in taking care of each other through the chaos and craziness of life.


We believe that change doesn’t come by chance, but with a commitment to caring for everyone in our global community – artists and non-artists alike. Which is why we donate 10% of all our GM income before profit to charitable causes.

Our past causes

2015: Justice & Mercy International

Together we helped build a school in the Amazon Basin.

2016 – 2018: Art Feeds

Together we helped provide free therapeutic art and creative programs for children across the USA.

Our current cause

2019+ 14,5km

Together we supported endangered children and adolescents and helped promote awareness of diversity.

Get Messy’s word for 2020


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2020 Seasons

Take a peek

The calendar will be coming closer to 2020. A massive thank you to the beautiful artists who shared their art for next year’s seasons:

@gillywelch21@sasha_zeen • @janet.joehlin@dansmoncrane

@misty.granade@charderouin • @jandersdotter • @franciscanunes_heartmakes

@suzanne_earley • @thistleandthimbles • @_thelovelyquiet@justjennessa

The New Get Messy HQ

Perfekt Futur, Karlsruhe