Creativebug Flip Through

Fact: Caylee has over 150 completed art journals.

Fact: Lauren has about 3.

But not anymore! I (Lauren) added another one to my shelves thanks to our Daily Art Journal Challenge with Creativebug!

I will forever preach the benefits of creative challenges. It’s how Get Messy started. It’s how I created my favorite project of all time. Its how I’ve made friends, grown my Instagram and most importantly grown as an artist.

The power of creating every day is infallible. Showing up is 90% of the battle but once you start making consistently you will watch your skills grow 10 fold. It’s just like running a marathon, you wouldn’t expect to show up today and be able to run 75 miles (or however long a marathon is), but you know that you would have to train, practice, condition, eat healthy, seek advice of more experienced runners. Then you could run and not get tired instantly. You could do something you are proud of.

Art is exactly the same. The more you practice, experiment, learn from other artists, test supplies, and make make make you can create beautiful works of art you are proud of.

But not everything will be perfect and beautiful along the way, just like in running – some days your time is better than others- but when you look back at the experience as a whole it is something you are proud of.

That was exactly our goal with our Daily Art Journal Challenge with Creativebug.  To run an art marathon with you. We created for 30 days straight and man that finished journal Feels. So. good.

Not every page is perfect or even good or evenly remotely good. But it is finished. It is full of a month’s of my experiences. It is full of trial and error, process, progress, new techniques, new ideas and so much love.

Take a moment to watch the flip through of my journal. You can see the pages I did exactly from the course and the pages where I veered WAY off course. You can see how I tweaked the ideas, made them better or different. The prompts in this course were not made to be followed exactly, but to give you a starting a point to launch your ideas and your style. It is simply a challenge that helps you create every day and is like your safety net for when you don’t know what to create and is the perfect way to learn new things and to grow.

Lauren’s completed journal

Caylee’s completed journal