Welcome to Scrap Collage, where we will turn everyday scraps into art journal mosaics. I hope you are as excited as I am to sweep up your craft room floor and put those tiny, yet lovely discarded corners and stripes to serious work in your next art project.

This is a ebook-based course. Please keep a copy of the workbook saved on your computer so that you will always have access to it.

In this course we will start simple and progress through intermediate and advanced techniques that will help you learn to use tiny pieces of leftover papers (or purposefully selected beauties!) for intricate and beautiful backgrounds. All you need for this class is scissors, your scrap stash, glue, your imagination and your favorite show on Netflix. I promise your fingers will be snipping, arranging and gluing in no time! Enjoy!

Make sure to share your pages using your scrap collages under the hashtags on instagram: #getmessyartjournal and #gmscrapcollage

How this course works

The course is broken down into 3 sections: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, but all techniques are doable for all skill levels.

Within each section are multiple challenges that include a sketch to help you easily recreate your own page, a photo example of how Zinia completed each page plus additional ideas to stretch each challenge further. 

If you complete all of the challenges and page ideas listed in this course you will have 92 base pages ready to be art journaled upon. WIN! You can easily skip around throughout the course and complete the challenges that inspire you the most first, but we would highly suggest coming back to those more difficult ones and working through them as they are likely to lend the most inspiration and create the most unexpected pages.

There is no right or wrong way to make a scrap collage, just get started and get messy. 


  • paper / paper scraps
  • scissors
  • punches (optional)
  • items to trace (optional)
  • adhesive of your choice (glue, glue dots, stapler, etc)
  • paper or journal as a base for your pages

Download Workbook

Save this file to your computer.