Messy May - Daily-ish Journaling Challenge for Imperfect Creatives

Day 22 Identity

Remember: Bring your messy self, take what you need (no such thing as being behind), and remember that more than zero is enough.

Here’s the prompt for today’s Messy May:

Create three distinct background pages to represent three different aspects of yourself to be used in layers when creating a spread on identity. 

Who are you?
What makes you come alive?
What lights up your soul?

Today's prompt is hosted by Ché Dyer

Ché Dyer

Ché Dyer is a graphic designer and yoga teacher originally from South Africa, now living in London. Ché always has a creative project on the go whether it is art journaling, elaborate gift wrapping, illustrating or dollhouse renovation. She is a mom of two small children and in her “free time” (ha) she loves reading, as well as browsing flea markets and home decor stores. She is currently wrestling with the personal and career path identity crisis that early motherhood brings - you can be a voyeur on this personal journey over on her Instagram account.

Here's some encouragement from Ché Dyer

Download the abstract art to use in your journal.