Messy May - Daily-ish Journaling Challenge for Imperfect Creatives

Day 11 Notice

Remember: Bring your messy self, take what you need (no such thing as being behind), and remember that more than zero is enough.

Here’s the prompt for today’s Messy May:

Take a look around you and gather bits and scraps that light you up. Grab some scissors and a glue stick and get to work creating a Desk Debris Grid.

Today's prompt is hosted by Andrea Chebeleu

Andrea Chebeleu

Andrea is a mixed media artist living in the Bay Area of California. She loves her daily creative journaling practice and sharing knowledge of materials and process with others. She finds great joy in breaking down seemingly complicated processes into simple steps and has adopted a guiding principle of "First, Not Only". The attitude of "first, not only" gives us permission to playfully explore without fear.