Messy May - Daily-ish Journaling Challenge for Imperfect Creatives

Day 07 Garner

Remember: Bring your messy self, take what you need (no such thing as being behind), and remember that more than zero is enough.

Here’s the prompt for today’s Messy May:

Build a database of colors, patterns, designs, and subject matter that you consistently choose. Apply some serious observational skills and excavate your own journals, then apply your findings to your current journal (or an entirely new resource!)

Today's prompt is hosted by Erin Ware

Erin Ware

Erin Ware is an artist, illustrator, and surface designer who finds all her best ideas tucked within the pages of her journals. She lives in Savannah, Georgia, with her husband, Nathan, and their kiddos, Felix and Evangeline. Talking about journaling is actually her dream job.

Here's some encouragement from Erin Ware

Download the printable to make your own booklet of swatches.