Messy May - Daily-ish Journaling Challenge for Imperfect Creatives

Day 01: New

Hosted by Claudette for @getmessyartjournal

Create a new, dedicated home for your Messy May journey by binding an imperfect, messy journal.

No matter what happened yesterday, this, every new day, and every new page is a clean slate. Start anew and be welcomed in to the challenge.

Day 02: Expand

Hosted by @claudette_hasenjager

Let’s explore how we can use Messy May as a catalyst to expand our creative ideas and inspiration while creating an expanding journal spread together.

Day 03: Brain Dump

Hosted by @ruskea_art

See HOW a brain dump can be used to create ease, BEFORE you get to the page.

Day 04: Joy

Hosted by @mylifemits

What do you do when you are in a journaling rut? Do you ever find yourself flipping through past journals and re-discovering patterns or color combinations that make your heart flutter? Let’s take a look through some past work to see if we can ignite our inspiration to create something new and find the joy in our journals.

Day 05: Elevate

Hosted by @tinahoisart

Elevate your page from okay to fabulous – simply by using paint, tissue paper and stencil techniques.


Hosted by @kia.creates

Combining colours, emotions, and assorted aspects of our lives in our journals is a form of patchwork many of us already do without even realising it.  What wonders can we create when we explore the theme ‘Patchwork’ with intention?

Day 07: Garner

Hosted by @erin_ware_art

Build a database of colors, patterns, designs, and subject matter that you consistently choose. Apply some serious observational skills and excavate your own journals, then apply your findings to your current journal (or an entirely new resource!)

Day 08: Alchemy

Hosted by @meghandthemoon

Let’s transform a few basic office supplies into a beautiful expression of the most beautiful parts of ourselves.

Day 09: Layers

Hosted by @andreaokesonart

Gather at least four pieces of ephemera that inspire you and get started on an intuitive & layered journal page or spread.

Day 10: Time

Hosted by @katie_moody

There’s often a barrier in our minds that say we need to have lots of time to create – and then we never find it! Five minutes to add a phrase and glue a tag down is enough. Ten minutes is plenty to journal out your thoughts. Let’s carve out some little moments to fill our journals and not let time get in the way.

Day 11: Notice

Hosted by @aworkofheartstudio

Take a look around you and gather bits and scraps that light you up. Grab some scissors and a glue stick and get to work creating a Desk Debris Grid.

Day 12: Renewal

Hosted by @eb_mixedmedia

Take some time to reflect on your resolutions for 2023. Are you where you wanted to be? Through journaling and finger painting we’ll create a spring garden full of hope and a renewed commitment to our goals and aspirations.

Day 13: Serendipity

Hosted by @creativechaosstudio.returns

ser*en*dip*i*ty: the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

Let’s create serendipity by letting our art journal, paint strokes and pencil marks guide us to our artistic destination. We will grab an art journal (or a piece of paper) and let the events of the paint layers guide us into a serendipitous outcome.

Day 14: Let Go

Hosted by @jennifermercede

Loosen up, get playful and let go of the end result with a few fun, accessible exercises you can apply anywhere in your journal!

Day 15: Reimagine

Hosted by @megjournals

One person’s trash is another’s treasure! Whether it’s repurposing something from your ‘scrap bin’ or breathing new life into vintage paper finds, create a journal page inspired by reimagination.

Day 16: Clusters

Hosted by @stephspaper

Use old morning pages and masterboards to create interesting journaling clusters in the corners of your page

Day 17: Explore

Hosted by @southerngals_designs

Set forth on a Creative Exploration with limited supplies.

Day 18: Extensions

Hosted by @sophiedecort

Delve into page extension possibilities.

Day 19: Gratitude

Hosted by @janethecrazy

Did you take too many photos? Don’t forget them in your digital storage. Print them out, try slowing down and reflect on those precious moments with some gratitude prompts. The best part about these prompts is, you can use them as a quick reminder to yourself to reflect on what you did, what your loved ones did, and the good things in life.

Day 20: Trust

Hosted by @supermamadesvosges

Journaling is the perfect way to rediscover your inner child and have fun. Nothing wrong can happen: there’s no mistakes or good answers! So be kind to yourself and trust the process : dive into art and have fun with colors and marks. It’s time to play: let’s do it together!

Day 21: Lifelines

Hosted by @monaschreibt

Let´s see how one continuous line can break the blank page and lead us intuitively through our spread!

Day 22: Identity

Hosted by @indieyogalife

Create three distinct background pages to represent three different aspects of yourself to be used in layers when creating a spread on identity. Who are you? What makes you come alive? What lights up your soul?

Day 23: Play

Hosted by @ingridmurrayart

Let go of expectations and tap into playfulness and possibility!

Day 24: Palette

Hosted by @dearelaineco

Do you ever struggle with selecting the perfect color scheme? Well, not today! We will create a lovely color palette page using a favorite photograph or inspirational image.

Day 25: Collaboration

Hosted by @artichokedart

Work collaboratively to help overcome many of the obstacles we all face as creatives.

Day 26: Scraps

Hosted by @sasha_zeen

Do you have a tidy desk? I certainly don’t. Hey, there is no shame in it! 😉 The left side of my desk is where all the tiny scraps of my art-making and journaling end up, and it’s high time I did a deep clean. Join me, will you?

Gather all the scraps that have been sitting on your desk, in your drawer, in the back of your journal, etc. in front of you, and let’s see where that spark of inspiration takes you.

Day 27: Archive

Hosted by @itskaitlingrey

Often times when I look back at my journals, it’s the smaller mundane moments that bring me the most joy to see. Small, normal occurrences at that time can often flourish into a treasured memory later on in a way that we don’t expect. Take this opportunity to journal about a simple joy or mundane moment that occurred in your day, it’s meaning in the future may surprise you!

Day 28: MissTakes

Hosted by @bookartstudios

Let’s explore what we can do with supposed mistakes and learn how they can help you create your best work!

Day 29: Sunburst

Hosted by @thisistruleetraci

I’ve been noticing a trend in my journal pages lately… things are BURSTING with energy & emotion in some really specific ways. Think sunbursts! Sunbeams? Sun rays? Whatever it is you call them, there are SO many ways to create a radiating affect in your art and it adds an easy extra layer of focus and fun. With today’s prompt we are going to explore some of them!

Day 30: Favourite

Hosted by @jobsjournal

Life is too short to hoard your favourite supplies! Take some time today to use your favourite art supplies, ephemera, stationery or tools to create something!

Day 31: Un/finished

Hosted by @cayleegrey

What is finished when it comes to art, anyway?

Celebrate all the finishing you have done in this challenge – whether it looks like a chunky journal, a completed page, or simply showing up for yourself more than zero times.