Messy May - Daily-ish Journaling Challenge for Imperfect Creatives

Caylee Grey


First and foremost, Caylee Grey is a journaler and artist. She’s also a wife, mom, and the Fairy Artmother of Get Messy.

South African by birth, German by heart, her own art journaling adventure began as a way for her to get messy, ditch perfectionism, stay accountable, and consistently create art. It ended up transforming into something much more than that. Caylee has spent the last decade facilitating Get Messy, a community where she helps other recovering perfectionists embrace the mess and magic of a fulfilling creative life.

Claudette Hasenjager


Claudette Hasenjager is a mom to six beautiful humans, and a mixed media artist living in sunny South Africa. She believes that art has the power to heal and nurture the soul. Her work reflects the many facets of her inner landscape and gives expression to her multi-passionate personality. It is this deep calling from within that has fueled her passion for exploring various forms of creative expression. Through her work and her creative process she strives to inspire others to heed the call of their own unique creative yearning, free their artist soul, and find comfort and healing through developing their own art practice.

Tamara Sagathevan


Tamara is a South African mixed media artist, based in Poland. Her work is a combination of quirky characters, loads of colour, sometimes moving mechanisms and a good dose of humour. She uses these “light” techniques to explore or communicate not just the sweet experiences of her life, but also her tougher experiences in child and adulthood.

Mitsuko Nishitani


Mitsuko is a Canadian currently based in Tokyo, Japan. She is living her dream of being a creative online and sharing her journaling journey in her notebooks. On her free time, if not outdoors with her family, she spends most of it scribbling away in her journals and notebooks. Some days you’ll find her surrounded by skeins of yarn while she knits away on a project that has been slowly worked on for weeks.

Tina Hois


Tina is a mixed media artist and the face behind Tina Hois Art. A life long learner she creates with a variety of mediums including acrylics, inks, fibres, metal and found objects. Passionate for our planet Tina focuses on up cycling and giving new life to previously loved thrifted items. Her art journal pages are part of her self care routine where thoughts, feelings and emotions are messily painted, glued and stitched.

Kia Creates


Kia Creates is an author, illustrator and artist from England. When she’s not writing and illustrating kids’ puzzle books or hand-making stickers, you’ll find her surrounded by paper scraps, busy bringing a new idea to life in one of her many creative journals. Kia runs The Journal Club (a monthly sticker subscription) via her Patreon, and her online shop is bursting with colourful and quirky journal supplies all handmade in her studio in Staffordshire.

Erin Ware


Erin Ware is an artist, illustrator, and surface designer who finds all her best ideas tucked within the pages of her journals. She lives in Savannah, Georgia, with her husband, Nathan, and their kiddos, Felix and Evangeline. Talking about journaling is actually her dream job.

Meghann Early


Meghann Early is a Tarot Card reader and mixed media artist born and raised in New York City. She is the owner of ART FOR A SPELL where she is currently hosting 365 days of Free art prompts. She is a fan of process over end product and believes that art is for everyone! Check out her classes on Patreon where she helps you deep dive into self reflection and seeing the best parts of yourself.

Andrea Okeson


Andrea Okeson is an Artist and Designer living, working, and exploring in the Twin Cities of Minnesota (USA.) Her artistic journey began in sketchbooks, thick with glued ephemera and secrets, lept off the page onto large canvases, and now happily bounces between the two substrates. She is thrilled to share her love of mixed media art-journaling and incorporating the “Rif-Raf” (receipts, concert tickets, postage) that life gifts us.

Katie Moody


Katie is a mixed media artist living in the south of England, right by the forest. Nature constantly inspires her work and you’ll find it hard not to find a botanical in any of her journal pages! She has many creative hobbies but journaling has always been a constant; starting out with scrapbooking and morphing into travel journaling, junk journaling and daily pages in her hobonichi.

Andrea Chebeleu


Andrea is a mixed media artist living in the Bay Area of California. She loves her daily creative journaling practice and sharing knowledge of materials and process with others. She finds great joy in breaking down seemingly complicated processes into simple steps and has adopted a guiding principle of “First, Not Only”. The attitude of “first, not only” gives us permission to playfully explore without fear.

Erin Bishop


After a lifetime of dabbling in a variety of creative pursuits, Erin discovered mixed media and art journaling in early 2020 and has been hooked ever since. She lives along the coast of Maine (USA) with her husband and two sons where she happily explores her newfound passion through online courses, bingeing on YouTube videos, and cultivating a daily art practice.

Karin Aguirre


Karin currently spends her days in a 5th grade classroom and her evenings trying to figure it all out in her art journal. She lives in San Diego with her husband and two boys. After decades of dabbling in various creative endeavors, including but not limited to crafting, art journaling, scrapbooking and jewelry design, she finally settled on abstract painting and art journaling. While at home during covid she discovered a world of amazing artists through Instagram which kept her inspired to keep painting during the quarantine.

Jennifer Mercede


Jennifer Mercede’s art is best described as street art meets toddler art meets fine art. She loves scribbling, doodling, being spontaneous and expressive with paint, markers, crayons or whatever is closest and suits the mood. Her intention is to get into the ‘flow zone’ where she can forget all else and surrender to the joy of creating. She loves to think on a whim in a variety of expressions including art, music, writing and play. Her work is often inspired by the the beauty found in nature, mostly animals and florals.



Meg is a twenty-something journal lover and paper hoarder from the UK. She is the host of #JunkJournalJanuary and #JunkJournalJuly. When she’s not creating, Meg enjoys crochet, reading and a nice cup of tea.

Stephanie Tourial


Steph is a mixed media artist and journaler from Southern California. She loves to travel and document her adventures with photos and journaling. Steph also loves to be in her planner, making lists and plans for the future. Getting messy and not taking art too seriously is her favorite way to spend a morning before going to work. Life is too short not to stop and enjoy the little things that bring you joy.

Tiffany Goff Smith


Tiffany is just a country girl living on the coast of Alabama with her husband, she is happiest with paint on her hands and usually in her hair. She’s a free spirit with a love for exploring and creating messy art. She’s been called a rule breaker and mess maker before who uses art as a stress reliever. I find people are so critical of themselves and their work, life isn’t perfect so why should art be? She tries to empower artist to let go and explore their own messy wild child. She has an online creative academy and co founder of The Ugly Art Club.

Sophie De Cort


Sophie is a bookmaker, mixed-media artist and color lover. She builds books in an unconventional way using paper, paints and handpainted fabrics. Vibrant colours, dots & circles are a repetitive characteristic throughout her work.

Jane Lee


Jane is a destination wedding photographer from Malaysia. Other than loving capturing the moment, Jane believes in preserving moments in physical form in her journal. She shares her joy by documenting her creative journey through photography, art & travel journaling.

Eugénie Laurent-Billotte


Eugénie is a French maker. She thought for a long time that creative arts were not made for her. Full time job, family life, daily routine: no way! But then curiosity overcame all other concerns and she started filling a journal with mixed media techniques: HER art journal! She thinks that being an artist is not about being gifted, it’s about willing to try, to have fun, to improve. She invites you to join her in a creative adventure where the only limit is your curiosity.

Mona Stamm


Mona, the face behind @monaschreibt, is 38 years old and lives near Munich, Germany. She is a mixedmedia artjournal artist and freelance interior designer. Mona always loved to design, paint and create. She started artjournaling some years ago, when time was short with two litte kids. In the meantime artjournaling is her favourite way to spend her arttime and free her mind.

Ché Dyer


Ché Dyer is a graphic designer and yoga teacher originally from South Africa, now living in London. Ché always has a creative project on the go whether it is art journaling, elaborate gift wrapping, illustrating or dollhouse renovation. She is a mom of two small children and in her “free time” (ha) she loves reading, as well as browsing flea markets and home decor stores. She is currently wrestling with the personal and career path identity crisis that early motherhood brings – you can be a voyeur on this personal journey over on her Instagram account.

Ingrid Murray


Ingrid is a self-taught mixed media artist who has art journaled for nearly 15 years. Inspired by the innate creativity and sense of possibility that all of us experience as children, Ingrid lets intuition and chance lead the way in her practice, resulting in distinctively energetic and vibrant artwork.

Elaine Lee


Elaine is an artist who playfully paints the world she observes and wanders in, she finds joy in bringing delight and whimsy to ordinary subjects and scenes.

Brian Christopher


Brian is a graphic designer, illustrator and daily sketcher in pursuit of overcoming his creative ADD. He’s equally obsessed with encouraging everyone else’s creative journey as much as his own and draws regularly with other creatives in his “Shut Up & Draw” club. He lives with his family in Arroyo Grande, California and online at /

Sasha Zeen


Sasha is a mixed-media artist from Ukraine currently residing in Poland. She started art journaling with Get Messy back in 2016, and since then art has been present in her life in many different forms. She prefers abstract art, puddles of watercolors on her pages and applying paint with her fingers.

Kaitlin Grey


Kaitlin is a digital product designer who has a love of journalling and archiving. Whenever she isn’t designing, you can often find her pouring over her journal with a cup of tea. As a bullet journal ambassador, Kaitlin is passionate about sharing her love of bujo, and how to use journals for mindfulness and archiving small moments of joy in our daily lives.

Liz Constable


Liz is an accomplished book artist and author who has established an international audience from her studio situated in New Zealand. She’s inspired by nature, loves random things, art, teaching, woodworking, odd interactions, writing and travelling. Liz has always been fascinated by words and how they can be artistically used to enhance a story. When she puts books and words together, the magic happens.

Traci Taylor


Traci is a mixed media artist living in the beautiful sunshine of the Arizona desert. She has been creative most of her life, and discovered art journaling just three years ago. She is searching for the TRUE parts of herself and working that journey out while playing on the pages of her messy art journals. When she is not making art, she is gathering inspiration while playing with her kids & grandkids, hiking with her hubby, enjoying her flower garden, or hanging out with other artists.

Job Airam


Job is a Vancouver-based journal artist and designer, with a love for all things stationery, photography and design. Although Job is a teacher by day, he spends countless evenings and weekends getting creative, whether that’s through journaling, illustration, or filming for his YouTube channel and Patreon. When he is not teaching, or hunched over his journal, Job loves geeking over television shows, trying out local coffee shops and planning his next sneaker purchase.