Messy May - Daily-ish Journaling Challenge for Imperfect Creatives

Each host’s response will be available at 10am Berlin time on the day.

Day 01: Starting

Hosted by @cayleegrey

Start. Either by opening your journal to a new page or by binding a journal just for Messy May.

Be welcomed into the challenge, and welcome your fellow creatives.

Day 02: Showing Up

Hosted by Caylee @cayleegrey

Show up in your journal today, in the easiest way possible. Use a bullet point list to (re)introduce yourself to your journal.

Day 03: Happy

Hosted by Michelle @raspberrybluesky

Carefree fun. Create with the joyfulness of a child.

Day 04: Adventure

Hosted by Claudette @claudette_hasenjager

Get outside to gather bits and pieces of nature and create a unique fabric using the bundle dyeing techniques.

Day 05: Courage

Hosted by Mou

What does COURAGE mean to you? Create an art journal spread with your take on courage.

Day 06: Freedom

Hosted by Felicitas @felicitasmayer

Give yourself the freedom to create the NON-perfect handwriting by writing the words flipped onto the back of patterned paper, fuzzy-cut and then glue the words in your journal with the pretty side up.

Day 07: Cultivation

Hosted by Kellee @kelleewynnestudios

Cultivate your creative voice through experimentation. Create a grid, use limited supplies and fill the squares with curious exploration. What do you respond to? Do more of that and it will lead you down a path that cultivates your artistic style.

Day 08: Mess

Hosted by Lizzie @lizzielarock

MESS: Embrace the big beautiful messiness of life! Take old journal or diary pages from a time that felt “messy” in your life. Grab those scissors and take a page out of David Bowie’s cut up lyric process to dismantle some of those old thoughts, re-arrange messy heartaches, serendipitously let them land in a more poetic order. Mix up those words so they sing rather than sting. Then splatter them with paint and create art out of an old mess.

Day 09: Spark

Hosted by Lynissa @makers_ave

Begin to play with a handful of your favorite or forgotten supplies on separate sheets of paper and tear it up so that they can fit inside your journal. Arrange and create a collage along with other things that spark creativity for you whether it’s words, paint, pictures, stickers, ink or whatever brings you joy.

Day 10: Connection

Hosted by Johanna @johannaclough

Create a page that connects you to your art process. You can do this by including more real-life stuff – for example photographs, stories or emotions. Try including real-life ephemera in your page and/or using materials that symbolise something in your life or something you are feeling (or felt).

By including more of ourselves in our pages, we can feel more emotionally connected both during the process of creating and when looking at our finished work. This can enhance our experience and enjoyment of creating!

Day 11: Imperfection

Hosted by Iris

Make a list of five ways to practice and embrace imperfection in your art. If you can’t think of any, you can share mine. Now give one or five of them a try.

Day 12: Habit

Hosted by Amanda @realityarts

Create a habit of seeing possibilities for using recycled materials in your art journal as tools for mark making and background creation.

Day 13: Home

Hosted by Shemi @shemidixon

Create a collage house with images filled with the comforts of home.

Day 14: Kindness

Hosted by Helen @journalwithpurpose

Create a journal spread that encourages you to share kindness with others and yourself. Use colours, textures and mediums that represent what kindness means to you.

Day 15: Flow

Hosted by Brooke @mintgreenthumb

Create with as few distractions as possible to achieve a State of Flow.

Day 16: Belonging

Hosted by Meg @megjournals

“Belonging is being your authentic self and knowing that no matter what happens, you belong to you.” — Brené Brown.

Create a soft, layered background using tissue papers, paint, and pressed flowers (or something else flat that represents you).

Day 17: Yes

Hosted by Essie @essie.ruth.makes

What was the last creative impulse you felt? Was it to try a new medium? Attempt a different art style? Explore a particular concept or idea in your journal? Whatever it was, say ‘yes’ to it and see where it takes you.

Day 18: Documenting

Hosted by Abbey @abbeysy

How do you document your days? What are you learning about yourself as each day passes by?

Day 19: Less

Hosted by Sarah @sjrondon

Using a base of neutral collage, add a single block of color to create impactful spreads.

Day 20: Nature

Hosted by Katie @studio.katie

Take your supplies outside and create inspired by the world around you!

Day 21: Words

Hosted by Tiffany @aerialovely

Add journaling to your art journal page. What are you thinking? How are you feeling? What happened in your day? Write it all out down on your page and get creative with it.

Day 22: Love

Hosted by Debbie @debbiebamberger

Use gesso, black paint, a pencil, watercolors, and a vintage image to express the painful aspects of love.

Day 23: Contrast

Hosted by Kristy @kensingercreative

Explore contrast through value, complementary colors, and paradoxical subject matter while exploring Japan.

Day 24: Magic

Hosted by Vanessa @dansmoncrane

Take a moment to look around you and find the magic in your surroundings. This could mean going for a walk outisde or simply looking at the place where you live with fresh eyes. Perhaps the magic is in the season where you live; perhaps it’s how the light comes through your window; or maybe it’s the sound of snow melting. Whatever it is, bring it to your journal where it can live on. Remember to use ONLY your favorite, most beloved supplies.

Day 25: Bloom

Hosted by Camila @camilagarciaart

Let it bloom: cultivate your creativity through an expressive floral zine.

Day 26: Failure

Hosted by Sasha @sasha_zeen

Go back to your unfinished or “failed” pages and rework them. Cover them up, pain or collage over the old art, add a focal point – do anything until you feel that spark and like you made it your own again.

Day 27: Mindfulness

Hosted by Meghan @happy.hands.create

Use a monochromatic color palette to help bring your mind into a calm and present state. Observe your immediate environment to find inspiration and your focal point.

Day 28: Self

Hosted by Tina @lifelovepaper

Create a 1 page zine with the theme of your current self.

Day 29: Serenity

Hosted by Caylee @cayleegrey

Make your practice today meditative. Some ideas: light a candle, drink some fruit tea, play lofi, and paint with paper.

Really focus on the innate, tactile pleasure of creating.

Day 30: Awe

Hosted by Wendy @willa.wanders

Grab a sheet of paper and collage anything onto it that reminds you of the things that you are in awe of. When you are finished, fold and cut the sheet of paper into a book. Now you’ve created an Awe Zine!

Day 31: Celebration

Hosted by Caylee @cayleegrey

Celebrate your creative month! Write a list of small achievements, add confetti, or create a page bringing together all the small bits of wonder from the month.

Go through the hashtag and cheer others on too.