Taught by skilled artists in their speciality

Window View of You 🆕

with LaQuisha Hall, Claudette Hasenjager, Mou Saha, and Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd

Join LaQuisha, Claudette, Vanessa, and Mou for an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and boundless imagination! Get ready to uncover the essence of your unique self as these four amazing artists lead you on an adventure like no other.

In LaQuisha’s lesson, embrace the power of artistic expression as you create your personalized paper doll. This little masterpiece will reflect your true essence, and you’ll journal around her to deepen your connection with yourself. Claudette’s transformative lesson is a voyage inspired by the ancient Egyptian amulets! Unleash your inner magic as you tap into the positive properties of these ancient artifacts. Picture a series of enchanted windows, each leading to a sacred ‘altar’ representing the divinity within you. Through your favorite techniques, craft images of your superhero self and channel your creative genius in Mou’s class. Vanessa’s got something truly special – a one-of-a-kind doll to Feel It All! Imagine a mix of worry dolls, ex-votos, and a whole lot of emotions bundled up in this adorable companion. It’s your emotions in doll form! 

Get ready for a whirlwind of creativity, self-love, and inspiration! This journey will be nothing short of transformational as you uncover the hidden treasures within and soar on the wings of art and self-expression.


with Carolyn Nehring, Caylee Grey, Debbie Bamberger, Erin Ware, Rory Grimes, Sarah Gardner, Stephanie Tourial, and Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd

Traditionally, zines were single sheets of paper folded into eight to make a booklet. But here at Get Messy, we’re not that traditional…

In this class we have 8 zinemakers with diverse creative styles. Through these glorious teachers, you’ll learn:

  • how to harness the magic of cropping + losing control to make “reverse zines”
  • how to finish a zine in less than 60 minutes (with time left over to wonder at how easy that was)
  • how to make instructional zines (even for roasting chicken)
  • how to turn mundane moments into zines (even as a super busy person with an inability to “stay present”)
  • how to get fancy with folding
  • how to turn an art journal spread into an entire mini journal
  • how to fill a zine with flowers and affirmations
  • how to go back to the roots of zine-making, bring out your inner anarchist, and express yourself

All wrapped up in heaps of zine examples and ideas to get the idea cogs turning. At the end of the class, you won’t know what to do with all the ideas and techniques you’ll have in your back pocket… or wait… of course you know, you’ll become an amazing zine-making machine.


with Brandi Kincaid

Life is full, and beautifully fractured. This course will invite us to gather and sort all the varied bits and pieces life brings our way, and create a journal that gives them a place to play on the page. From coffee shop receipts to envelope liners, personal doodles to watercolor portraits, and fabric scraps to found thread, nothing is overlooked as we glean from our lives to build our books. Even though we may often feel scattered by our many interests and roles, this course will encourage us to see the puzzle in what we do and love, each piece connecting to another, making the marvelous mess that is life make more sense.

Puzzling will take us from where to look and gather the bits and pieces of life, to sorting them, asking questions about how they might come together, to the actual piecing of the puzzle on the page. We will dive into creating journals that invite structure to what we collect without forfeiting the glorious gumption that is getting messy and finding freedom in what we make.

Going Wild 

with Helen Wells

Use nature as a source of inspiration and delight. Grow ideas from nature into wild and wonderful pages in your sketchbooks. Explore outside. Find visual stimulus for art making from the world around you. Find interesting details and make unusual marks with twigs. Draw. Collage, have fun.

Explore how nature can be your muse and a constant source of inspiration for your art making.

Are you brave enough to go wild?

Messy May 

with 31 different artists

The Daily-ish journalig challenge for imperfect creatives.

Imagined Landscapes

with Alyssa Griese

Explore the environment that surrounds you, and translate it into your journal through collage and stitching.

Nature is an endless resource for inspiration, and in this class, Alyssa walks us through her process for creating beautiful collages that take inspiration from the world around us.

Use what inspires you most to rip, glue, and stitch your own imagined landscapes

Documenting Your Days

with Abbey Sy

How do we make our days count?

In this class, artist, author, and journal lover Abbey Sy shares ways on how to document your life as it happens—with art, photos, and writing as mediums. The main goal of this class is to open up possibilities of finding beauty in the every day through journaling with key prompts that will unlock creative self-discovery.

From documenting daily, weekly, monthly, to starting a hobby journal, you’ll find ways to make documenting a fun habit to add to your creative pursuits.

Body of Art

with Caylee Grey

The Aesthetics of Anatomy

Body of Art is the journey of seeing your body as art itself. For too long, we’ve been told we’re not enough, we take up too much space, we are too emotional, we’re too everything. We forget that when it really comes down to it, we are works of art. We’re our own creative project, our body is our canvas.

The journey we’re going on is one in which we stand back and stop hearing what everyone else thinks about our bodies, and start seeing our bodies as art. Just like when looking at a painting, when we take a step back, we’re able to take in the details and see the beauty. 

We are bringing our body down to its building blocks – to the basic elements of art. There are 7 elements visible in every piece of art. Your body is no different. Each lesson in Body of Art is dedicated to one: Line, Shape, Form, Color, Space, Texture, Value (with Mark Making & Materiality as a bonus)

What is your body saying?

Courageous Adventures in Art Journaling 

with Claudette Hasenjager and Char DeRouin

Expose It, Ink It, Grunge It, Explore It, Color It, Wreck It, and Tag It!

Explore the idea of exposing moments of inspiration within our journals at the start of a new creative project. Explore inks and a few inky techniques. Explore techniques to use within your journal to create intricate, textured, messy layers. Bring out your inner rock n roller. Ask, “What if?” and explore ideas or techniques you’ve been curious about. Pull out the paints and start adding some color! Get courageous, adventurous, and seriously bold, and go out of your comfort zone. Play with fabric scraps, messy stitching, and gathered elements to create tags of motivation and inspiration.

Get Messy Orientation

Get started becoming a Get Messian with Messy Orientation!

Messy Orientation will show you how to get the most out of the Get Messy website, connect with your art family, and build and maintain your creative practice. Learn all the ways Get Messy can get you making right away and find the guide that can be used whether you’re a newbie or seasoned Messian – Your First 21 Days at Get Messy

It’s not all just theory, though. This is Get Messy, so there’s some art-making in here too.

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