Thanks for adding my book to your life.

Book Bonus

This bonus PDF is a resource for your creativity. Print out only the bits that spark something in you, and use them in your journal.

This PDF is curvy in all the right places – it contains loads of images and text, so allow it some time to download. If you’d prefer to just grab individual goodies, you can find those below. 

To the perfectionist who chooses mess instead:


Thank you.

Bringing this book into the world is an absolute dream come true. The fact that it has spent some time near you is all kinds of amazing. Seeing it near journals, amongst the mess of an art table, in bookstores, libraries, and even in a museum amongst Picasso… man. My heart boom-booms at every single connection, and I’m eternally grateful to the internet for all of this. 

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 Art + love


The Ultimate Bonus

It doesn't have to end here


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