Sasha Zinevych

Sasha is a freelance online English teacher from Ukraine, currently residing in Poland. She has been creative since very young age being raised in the family of photographers and actors. Sasha is a classic example of a “scanner” personality and often tries new creative things.

You know how on the Internet you search for one thing and it leads you to another, and another until you find yourself in the place you’ve never imagined existed? Well, that’s what happened to me. My art journaling journey started with my sudden obsession with planners about half a year ago. I saw all of these beautifully decorated notebooks and binders and I thought to myself “This is what will help me fill that creative need in my heart!” It’s functional and it can be pretty. That led me to traveler’s notebooks, and then to daily journaling, creative journaling, and finally – art journaling. I honestly have no idea how (no doubt, it was a destiny), but I accidentally found Get Messy on Instagram. The pages of the community members were all so different and each one was carrying the personality of the creator. And most importantly, it didn’t look intimidating at all. It looked doable! So I took a regular notebook I had lying around and created my first page. It was the start of my first art journal and I’ve never looked back!