Riet Poch

Riet lives with her husband near the coast in North Germany where she enjoys capturing her memories and feelings in journals and albums. If she isn’t covered in paint and glue she writes stories or photographs the nature outside her door. She started writing her feelings down when she was a child and as a teenager she discovered scrapbooking which helped me to capture memories and combine them with my words. Over the years she began to include more paint and own ideas to my layouts. That reminded her of my dream to make art but she felt like she was not good enough and so never dared to go for it.

It was New Year’s Day 2016 when she made the decision to follow my inner voice that once again pointed me in the direction of art. She decided she was allowed to paint if that’s what she want. She faced all the prejudices that we hear through life about what art is and how it should look like and came up with her own rules for what she thinks it should be. She started to art journal. A little later she got to Get Messy and found the benefits of a community that supports you.