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The Get Messy Community enriches Rose Sheridan’s life through more than art

Rose is a mama to a 5 year old human and an 11 year old Jack Russell. She is a lecturer in psychology and child development and is a lifelong learner. Art is her magic.

How do you live a creative life?

I have a 5 year old daughter, so she helps me to see the beauty in everyday experiences – for me that’s a key to living a creative life. Noticing and allowing the world to inspire you. I spend time in the woods and at the beach because both are key to keeping my soul happy. I make time for art, I read books and I sleep as much as I can (this is more to do with having a hyperactive 5 year old, but my art is better when I’m not falling asleep in my paint).


Do you put your life into your art journal? Or is it focused on technique?

Both. I find myself drawn to different techniques for different moods – watercolour is for when I’m feeling like I need to relax, whereas I find myself drawn to acrylic paints when I’m feeling happy and with lots of time to explore.


What is your biggest barrier to creating?

Finding time. Always, finding time. I have a lot going on – I work full time, I am studying full time and my little girl has a lot of medical and developmental appointments so finding time for me can be hard.


How do you get over that hurdle?

I make time. It can be easy to choose to watch Netflix, but not spending time creating is harmful to me – I have to have a creative outlet or even I don’t want to spend time with me. So, I choose to do something with those 5 minutes gaps in the day – waiting for the kettle to boil, while I’m cooking the tea or while my little girl eats breakfast. I keep art supplies where I’m likely to use them, and I use those 5 minute periods to make some marks, add some journaling or sketch a drawing. I can’t get a lot done in one 5 minute period but over the day they add up.


What has been your biggest lesson when it comes to creating art?

Not to compare myself to others. It’s so easy to look at someone’s instagram page and see their wonderful art and wonder why you can’t make anything as beautiful as that. But I don’t do that anymore. I keep working on myself and my art – comparison is the thief of joy.


What is your favourite art journal page you’ve ever made? Why is it your favourite?

Probably one of the pages I made for Rituals last year. The monthly topic was fertility, and I went into it thinking any negative feelings I had about our inability to have a baby had gone when we adopted our little girl. When I started pulling out images to use for the collage I realised that perhaps there were some issues that were still affecting me. The page is not my happiest page but it was the most cathartic thing I have done in dealing with infertility – it allowed me to be more honest with myself than I’d ever been before.

Have you ever actively disliked a page you’ve made? What did you do with it?

Yes, lots of them. Sometimes I keep them and look at them with fresh eyes another day, that way I can search for something I like more objectively. Other times I gesso the life out of them so that I never have to look at them again! The key thing for me is though, that it’s the process I enjoy and the end product is not the most important part of my art making.


Have you ever been through artist block? What did you do to overcome it?

It’s ironic that the only time I get artist block is when I know I have an extended period to do nothing other than make art – maybe the pressure of having a few uninterrupted hours gets to me? To overcome it, I usually give myself a set of small tasks to get into the rhythm of art (make a postcard, decorate an envelope) and luckily that’s always worked for me.


What’s the best art advice you’ve ever received?

My Nan told me when I was little that I should do whatever makes my heart happy. Art and Get Messy do that for me.


What does community do for your creating?

The Get Messy community inspire, cheer, push and collaborate. I’m not sure I would still be art journaling if it was not for the Get Messy community. I have created an art journal page for every week I have been a member of Get Messy and that is the result of the encouragement and accountability that the Get Messy community have given me.


Who would you like to celebrate in the Get Messy community?

Woah this is hard. I cannot think of anyone more supportive and enthusiastic about other people’s work than SashaVanessa is the most amazing teacher and I love her art and classes. I Love the way Caylee talks about creating and her work ethic, and I especially love how you can have a conversation with her and she can pick out something profound that haven’t even realised you’ve said and then it goes in her journal forever. Lauren’s Instagram story rants are the best thing about social media and never fail to make me laugh. Jenny and Moriah are my accountability buddies and friends and are always so supportive.

I think I’d like to celebrate each and every Get Messian, we are kindred art spirits.

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Rose Sheridan

Rose is a mama to a 5 year old human and an 11 year old Jack Russell. She is a lecturer in psychology and child development and is a lifelong learner. Art is her magic.

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