About Get Messy

Information about Get Messy

Get Messy is an online art journaling school that teaches you to cultivate your creativity. Without perfection.

GM is for the creative soul with restless hands and a busy mind. You’re ready to create. Consistently. And we’re here to help! With our massive library of perfectionism-ditching classes, we’ll teach you how to release your truth, emotions, and dreams onto the page. Beyond GM’s digital doors, you’ll find your creative sidekick, artistic adventure and an inspirational sanctuary where you’ll always be welcome in – messy mind, paint plops, charcoal smudges, ink-stained fingertips and all. Zero expectations. Zero pressure. All the fun.

Check out our About or Join page. They cover everything.

Contact People

You can chat to Caylee directly: [email protected]

Carolyn will be the person organising everything and able to ask any of your questions: [email protected] 


Everything will be submitted through the form.

1. Introduction video

5-10 minutes to introduce yourself. This does not need to be exclusive.

Here is a playlist of examples.

2. Technique-based workshop

  • workshop with a step-by-step process (e.g. how to use watercolours)
  • must be in an art journal
  • however long you’d like, but 30-45 minutes works as a guideline
  • multiple videos if you are teaching more than one technique, otherwise one video

3. Inspiration-based workshop

  • this is a smaller video that follows up on your technique-based one (e.g. show and tell of how I’ve used watercolours in the past)
  • however long you’d like, but 10-20 minutes works as a guideline
  • casual, chatty

Accompanying images

  • full resolution images of the completed project
  • full resolution images of inspiration
  • full resolution close up images
  • any in process images that you are able to take (no video screenshots)

Promotional help

  • 3 social media posts

Optional: Informal Workshop with members

  • held on a Saturday at 4pm Berlin time
  • usually around 10-20 attendees, plus 1000-2000 who watch the replay
  • really casual
  • Goal: for members to get to know you
  • you may use this time to casually promote something of yours*

* A note on selling to members: We gladly point people your way, as long as it is done in an organic way. The way you would to a friend. We do not do “buy now and receive 20% off”. This is usually mentioning the product while doing something similar.

Please think of a workshop you can give that bridges your GM lesson and whatever you’d like to promote. We’re happy to work with you on this.

Here is an example of a member workshop – you need to be logged in.

Optional: Podcast episode

  • very casual
  • this would be during your Season month
  • interview where I will promote your season and your own thang

Here is a good example of an interview with a strong structure, and here’s an example of something without structure (with casual selling).


Video specs

All videos need to rendered for Vimeo.

All videos need to be at least HD quality (1280 x 720 or 1920 x 1080).

Basic editing should be done before submission (e.g. brightening and cropping).

If you would like to add music, we have purchased the licencing of a few. You may choose from anything from Epidemic Sound.

Please do not add any watermarks or branding to the videos. If you would like to add title cards, please use Poppins as the typeface.

Image specs

All images need to be submitted in full resolution.

Basic editing should be done before submission (e.g. brightening and cropping).

All images need to be clear – please do not apply any filters.

More images are always better than less. Use your own judgement. 

Please do not add any watermarks or branding to the image.

Promotional graphics

You can find all promotional material here.