You go, ✨

We’re proud of you. We are celebrating that you have said YES to art.

After your dance party, or during it, press play and feel welcomed:

Your turn for action. Just three things:


Bookmark the Dashboard.

You’ll find the gateway to your daily dose of messy magic on the Dashboard. Clickity click to meet your new creative home:


Introduce yourself to the gang.

We are quizzy Lizzies and really want to get to know you. Start a thread in the forums to tell us a bit more about who you are.


Make something. Right now.

You joined Get Messy to create more, right? So make one five-minute page right now. We’ll wait. If you have no idea what to make, click the button below to get a step-by-step.

 By the way, these are not stock photos. These are artists who took those photos specificially to welcome you, .

If you’re looking for a base of artists to follow on Instagram, those faces belong to: (top) @thistleandthimbles, @craftymue, @phill_rushmere, @julia_bethmann, @happy.hands.create (middle) @squiggleandswirl, @dansmoncrane, and @tanyaleekahler, @tclmn, @catseatdogsmakes, @padmerlin (bottom) @suzanne_earley, @rietpoch, @lilleyheidi, @sasha_zeen,

Done? We love overachievers.

For guidance on the first 21 days of your Get Messy adventure, head on over to Messy Orientation.

Orientate me!