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About Get Messy + art journaling

What exactly is Get Messy? It sounds like porn.

Get Messy is a community and creative mentorship program for humans who want to explore their creativity, their voice, and their lives through art journaling (by embracing the mess).

Get Messy is hosted by Caylee Grey, with a host of creative mentors along the way.

What is Get Messy Art LLC

Get Messy became an official American company in 2018.

Get Messy Art LLC’s mission is to be the catalyst that sparks a creative life in the everyday artist. Our goal is to give you what you need to take your life and turn it into art. 

We are here to

  • guide, and connect through direction, education, and support, and
  • give you the tools to grow as an artist and explore your creativity.

What is art journaling?

Your art journal is the place for you to

  • try out art techniques that you’ve learned,
  • practise artistic expression,
  • document your life through words, photos, collage, paint streaks, 
  • process thoughts and emotions, 
  • create things just for yourself or to share with the world

Our hashtag is a great place to see a visual representation.

We have a free class called How to Start Art Journaling if you’d like to dig right in. 

Who are the mentors?

Part of the Get Messy community means that everyone is inspiring each other.

Here are some of our guest artists, featured artists, class teachers, and creative team members.

And here are even more insanely inspiring Get Messians.

About Get Messians

Who is Get Messy for?

  • Those with full lives who want to further enrich them
  • Those longing to hang out with fellow artists but can’t seem to find any locally (or you’re too introverted for 3D humans)
  • Those wanting to grow art through PLAY, experimenting, grace, and kindness
  • If you want to learn to fit creativity into your life as it is right now (not under perfect conditions)
  • You believe in tough love
  • You know that art has its seasons
  • You are willing to make a mess, and kind of excited and scared about it

Who is Get Messy not for?

  • Those who have never made anything in their life, not even tried a colouring page
  • Those going through a dark time who are looking for a website instead of a therapist (we’ll make your life better but we can’t fix it)
  • The uncommitted or the non-hustler
  • People who believe it’s all about them (we have a community of givers)
  • Those who are here just to receive others’ approval
  • Excuses

While Get Messy does have a whole stack of amazing artists who are earning income from their art, we are not specifically aimed at them, and do not have tutorials focused on earning an income from art. For now, Get Messy is focused on the art itself.

Is Get Messy only for women?


We just love pink. 

And anyways, gender norms have no place in art.

What skill level do I need to join?

Get Messy is focused on three types of people:

The Newbie

You may feel creative, but you aren’t acting on those feelings yet. Perhaps you have tried things like scrapbooking or knitting, and the idea of putting paint onto paper excites and scares you.

For those who have never art journaled before, we recommend starting with our totally free How to Start Art Journaling class. This class will give you a taster of art journaling so you can see if it’s for you.

The Creative Dabbler

You are a maker. You’ve made stuff. Some may be art journal pages, and some may be other things. Things and stuff.

We dare you to give art journaling a real try. We’re like 99% sure you’ll LOVE IT.

The Art Rockstar

Our goal is to get you here. This is the person who is creating art habitually – whether that means adding one element to your art journal each week, or finishing a double spread of art journal pages every day.

Get Messy is really good at being the catalyst to keep you making. All you need to do is show up.

Do I need to have graduated from art school to join?


Will Get Messy teach me to run a creative business?

No. Indirectly, at best.

While Get Messy does have a whole stack of artists who are earning income from their art, most Get Messians make for the sheer pleasure of it.

We are not specifically aimed at them, and do not have in depth resources on making a creative business.

Do I need to have an established art habit?

Nope. We’ll show you the ropes. 

Is there a list of required supplies?

The beauty of art journaling is that you can use all the supplies you already have.

Get Messy is not a technique-based art school. We encourage creative thinking. We always endeavour to suggest alternatives to supplies, and we believe that every single lesson can be done using supplies not used in the lesson.

Except bookbinding.

You’ll probably want to follow the exact steps to French Stitch if you want a French Stitch. 

Unless you’re a rebel, and then there have been pretty cool things made by not following the steps exactly…

How much time is required each month?

We’re all about fitting art into your life and not the other way around. Get Messy lessons range in time from 59 seconds to 1.5 hours long. 

We believe that you can create art during pockets of time – while waiting for the microwave to beep, during naptime, after brushing your teeth at night. We also believe in taking art vacations and making time for art when you can manage it.

If you’re up to your ears in work, health problems, or a new baby, and have absolute no time at all to create, and the idea of finding even 10 minutes in a week stresses you out, that’s okay too. Maybe this is not your season for Get Messy. 

Boring but important admin things

Where is the Membership?

Everything is housed on the private membership site. After registration, you’ll be required to create a username and password. 

Through the site, you’ll be able to access all teaching, the community Forums, Gallery, and Zoom Hangouts (face to computer to face creating in live time). 

What tech level do I need to have?

You are expected to have a basic understanding of technology. While we delight in helping you figure out how to do something, and will provide as many non-art, tech tutorials as we can, this is not a tech support membership. 

Do you offer refunds?


We recommend first trying a free class or lesson. If you liked that, then we suggest joining just for a month to see if it’s right for you. 

If you have any questions, we have a great email inbox

Can I pause my membership?

If you are paying by card, you are able to easily pause your membership. It’s just a click in your Account page. 

How long do I have access for?

If you join on a monthly basis, you will have access for one month from the day you register. It automagically renews each month with payment due that day. Like Netflix. 

If you join on an annual basis, you’ll have access for 365 days from registration day. You’ll receive a reminder that it’s due for renewal and on your Messy cake day it will be renewed unless you stop it. 

You can pause or stop your membership at any time, and you will continue to have access until the end of the billing period.

You will have access as long as you are a member.

More questions?

If we haven’t answered your question, or if you have a specific question to ask, we really do love receiving your emails and giving clarity.

 Email caylee@getmessyart.com

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