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I can’t really remember pre-Get Messy anymore, it feels like I’ve been involved forever (even though I wasn’t around at the very start.) But almost instantly after joining, I became more creative, more motivated to create and most importantly (for me) I met and connected with a group of the loveliest, truly like minded people for what felt like the first time ever. That, for me, made – and continues to make – the biggest difference and is the best thing about Get Messy. In the big and scary social media world, this is honestly the kindest group of people – strangers who become friends and even people you meet for the first time! It sometimes feels so odd, but in a totally good way! My biggest success is how much I have grown as an artist and just how much I’ve learned. I do more art and also share far more art on instagram, which means “real life” friends have seen it, and complemented it and realised I’m an “artist” and that has made me feel really, really proud. And I’m proud of owning art as my “thing” and talk passionately about it. And that’s thanks to Get Messy. I can’t imagine not being a part of it.

CHARLOTTE, @charlotteanderson


Get Messy has helped me to build my confidence as an artist, and actually helped me to recognize myself as an artist. This community is so supportive and although I have only been a member for a short time, I’ve already made many great friends, and learned tons!


I was just going through some old art journals last night, and I realize how much my style has changed, evolved and improved. It’s amazing to me the content that you both provide on the Get Messy site. I especially love the tutorials! It’s amazing to me that I can say, “I am an artist” with sheer certainty and confidence. I feel it’s such a gift that Get Messy has given me (and I’ve only been a member less than a year!)

LYNDA, @lyndawithay

As a guy finding a community of journalers and artists who accept and support your aspirations is amazing. I no longer feel alone thanks to the messy family. I couldn’t be happier that I joined, and would recommend it to anyone trying to further there creative life.


Before I joined Get Messy I had been long out-of-touch with my inner artist. Sure my creativity came out in different ways, but I had let life knock art straight off of my priority list. Now I make creating one of my top priorities and it’s made me a better person. My mental and emotional health are vastly improved when my creative habit is in check. I’ve created so much more, I’ve become more consistent in my creative practice each year since I’ve joined, and I’ve found amazing people to share life’s journey with. I’ve had Get Messians I previously saw as #getmessyfamous invite me to participate in collaborations and I’ve been able to use my passion for bringing people together by facilitating a Get Messy retreat here on the east coast of the U.S.. That was probably my biggest artsy win of 2017! Since joining Get Messy, my biggest artsy win of all time is owning myself as an artist. After having moved twice in three years, gone through one of the toughest seasons of my life, and through the recent tumultuous time that is in this country and the world, Get Messy has been a lifesaver and a home to me. I am forever grateful for this community who not only make me feel loved but also cause me to laugh…a lot!

Sometimes I worry if what I write in our group is too personal or geeky  or I am too old for the group -but then I say screw it and write what I am feeling- I love the group to pieces and art journaling and actually sharing it has been a life changer! Sounds so weird but it’s true- I feel more enthusiastic about everything – and it’s helped me trudge along when I have had some trying days- knowing I have to get some pages done!
SHARON, @nullsie
I’m really enjoying being part of the Get Messy group now, however I found it all very daunting to start with as I didn’t really know where to start with the journal & art prompts & didn’t have the confidence to upload anything as I knew the standard of everyone was/is very high! The ice breaker for me was the week we had daily prompts – I really felt that I could join in, it was good to chat with each other every day on Facebook – I realised then that everyone was so friendly & I felt happy to contribute!
I have had to struggle with perfectionism. Get Messy has helped me realize that done is better than perfect. Watching everyone else have so much fun and make art has encouraged me to believe in my abilities. I definitely encourage my arty friends to join Get Messy.
ANDI, @andistern
Joining get Messy in 2016 was the luckiest giveaway victory of my life (and I think, it was the first one 😀 ). It has truly changed my life in so many ways. Prior to becoming a Messian, I had this black hole inside me – it asked for something, some creativity, some inspiration, but I didn’t know how to feed it. As I joined get Messy, I discovered a whole new world where creativity could be a part of your everyday life. I didn’t have to earn an art degree, to go so special courses, or wear a badge that said “I am an artist”. All I needed to do is make art. And hundreds of people were doing the same thing. The community aspect of Get Messy is the thing I cherish the most. I wouldn’t be able to create so much work without their constant support and appreciation. So, if you feel like it’s time to get messy, Get Messy is the place for that.
SASHA, @sasha_zeen
If my best friend asked if she should join Get Messy, I would say: immediately
This wonderful, supportive group has taught me so much. About art journaling, friendship, commitment to my creative pursuits and the power of community. Thank you Caylee and Lauren.
Get Messy has connected me with people across the world with a similar interest and goal. It motivates me to embrace my creativity.

TANYALEE, Tanyalee Kahler

My biggest challenge prior to joining Get Messy was finding a creative outlet that would bring me joy and that I could prioritise. Get Messy introduced me to art journaling whereby I could use what I’d learned in all my previous crafty endeavours into one way of creating art. In doing so I found I wanted to create more so made this a priority for my time. I grew as an artist by throwing myself into the Get Messy community and the amazing classes available. My biggest arty win since joining is doing the Get Messy habit for every single season that I’ve been a member – that means I’ve prioritised myself even for 10 minutes each week. A massive win for someone who hardly ever takes time for herself. I’m so happy I joined Get Messy, it’s more than the prompts, tutorials and classes. It’s a community of wonderful people all trying to express themselves in an arty way.
Before Get Messy I didn’t realise how much joy and inspiration being part of a community would bring to my art. Get Messy has so many resources, prompts and inspiring tutorials, and it’s such a joy to see what everyone comes up with. I’m so happy that I joined Get Messy, it has made me try new things with my art, and I’ve grown so much as an art journaler. While my journals were always a place for me to play, it’s only through Get Messy I’ve found the tools to use art with intention to express feelings and work through thoughts.

THEA, @theachen

I’m really enjoying being part of the Get Messy group now, however I found it all very daunting to start with as I didn’t really know where to start with the journal & art prompts & didn’t have the confidence to upload anything as I knew the standard of everyone was/is very high! The ice breaker for me was the week we had daily prompts – I really felt that I could join in, it was good to chat with each other every day on Facebook – I realised then that everyone was so friendly & I felt happy to contribute!

ALEXANDRA, @padmerlin

Since I started Get Messy, I feel so more close to who I am! Me, who didn’t think being creative at all, I discovered I can create and like what I do, and dare sharing my pages with the community. What I really like is the supportive spirit and the inspiration I find in the group. Since I Get Messy, I am more serene, I see some improvements even in my professional and personal life!
My love affair with art journaling started a year ago when I stumbled across the Get Messy art journal group and it’s founders, Lauren & Caylee through Pinterest. Get Messy is a group of people from all around the world, creating cool, eclectic and powerful art on various topics. It was unlike any creative course I had heard of before, accepting of each person’s own style whilst constantly encouraging you to grow and explore your art practise. Add to this mix, support and the sense of community that comes with joining the group and I was hooked! I had been keeping a sketchbook of work going since I graduated from my textiles degree in 2010 but dipped in and out of it half heartedly. I knew that I wanted to keep up my creativity outside of work but self motivating was hard and I found myself repeating easy patterns and techniques that I knew worked. With Get Messy, weekly prompt and challenges are shared with the group to help inspire and push your creative limit, which was exactly the boost I needed! The prompts vary from week to week and can spark different ideas, emotions and memories. It’s this modern way of creating art, documenting life and then sharing it which appealed to me, maybe the most. We live in a digital era now where creating your own work in your own sketchbook doesn’t have to stop there. Art, in my mind, is created for yourself mainly but also for others. To be shared and enjoyed, to hopefully inspire and motivate someone else’s imagination as well as your own. I can honestly say that joining this programme is one of the best decisions I have made in my life, it has pushed me creatively and given me a whole new group of like­minded friends. I look forward to days when I can journal and feel complete every time I can give a home to all the random magazine snippets I have mercifully collected for years… I couldn’t recommend it enough and would feel lost without it!
I’m still very much learning. I hadn’t had much experience before GM. The seasons, prompts , tutorials are excellent. It’s awesome we can go back to what we missed. The community is amazing. I know I wouldn’t find anything like this elsewhere. Thank you ❤️ I love GM, thankful to be here. I would absolutely recommend GM for art journaling for anyone who wants to be creative ! The best. Honestly.

CHERYL, @cherylang3

Joining Get Messy has allowed me to gain confidence in my art journaling and develop my own style. With weekly prompts and tutorials, daily inspiration and an amazing supportive community (seriously it is the best!), I feel I am flourishing in my creative life. I definitely have to thank Get Messy for helping me take the leap from being an observer, to a doer!

REBECCA, @becgetscreative

I was lucky enough to stumble across Get Messy back in it’s old reincarnation and to become a part of such a fabulous movement. It opened up a door to my creative side that had been closed for quite a while. It inspired me to create regularly and I am so grateful for that. I also got to ‘meet’ a bunch of other kick ass creative women whom I consider to be friends. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

KESHENA, Pretty Paper & Coffee

I joined Get Messy to learn how to art journal, I’d seen what other people were doing with art journals on Instagram and Pinterest and felt it would be a creative, fun and expressive thing to do. Get Messy is called a challenge, but actually it is so much more than that. It is a community! There are prompts to get you thinking and art journaling , tutorials to learn new ways to express yourself visually and there is inspiration in seeing what other people create and hearing their stories. You can do as little or as much as you want, be as noisy in the Facebook group or as quiet as suits you, share on Instagram if that is your thing or see what other people have shared and give them feedback. I think though my very favourite thing about Get Messy is the people. Beginners to artists all creating , sharing and getting to know each other.Support is there when you need it,as well  as encouragement , advice and well just fun hanging out together online. Caylee and Lauren have really created something special here and are generous with their knowledge and time (as are the other members of the creative team). So it’s official I am a Get Messy fan !
I feel very happy to find Get Messy and my new hobby. The tutorials helps me to make new experiences and to grow. My biggest arty win is that my husband built my a studio and I get a place only for my art work. I’m thankful for Get Messy.


I love GM… for its energy, inspiration and its happy positive vibe… best of all it’s encouraged me to literally ‘Get Messy’ and to just play and have fun and forget about achieving an outcome…..
I resisted joining Get Messy because I felt I could create just fine on my own, but since joining I have made new art friends from around the world, I have tried so many new techniques, and really deepened my art making. I’m excited to continue to grow this year!
I joined Get Messy back in 2015 because of FOMO. I’d been looking for an art journaling community since 2013 and while I did find one on Ning, is was so big that I felt completely lost. I loved that Get Messy was smaller and a bit more intimate. And even though I didn’t have the time to dive right in (I was backpacking through Asia for months at the time), I still decided to join cause I didn’t want to miss out. Best decision ever! When I did have the time to really explore, everyone was so sweet and encouraging.

Honestly, what I most enjoy about Get Messy is the community. While the prompts and tutorials and classes are all wonderful for jumpstarting ideas, it’s really the community that drive me to make and share my work! I’ve also had the greatest the opportunities working with Get Messy that now whenever anybody asks me what I do in life, I never fail to mention this amazing art community I’m apart of.

TIFFANY, arielovely
I am really new with mixed media and my biggest challenge was background and creating original pages. I felt overwhelmed by products. Get Messy took away the anxiety and helped me learn new techniques and product use. I started to see a real improvement in my work as a budding artist! I am so happy I joined this community of friendly, talented artists!! And would absolutely encourage others to join 😍

I joined Get Messy as an art journaling novice, to be honest I didn’t know what it really was! I just wanted to join a community who made art and boy did I luck out.  If you want cheerleading with honesty and ideas, this is the place for you and your art. I can’t believe how much I have learned and continue to learn because of Get Messy.

I feel like I found a family! This is exactly what I feel when I scroll down my Instagram and see art by people I don’t know but yet I know them. This will be my third year of Get Messy. So much fun, such an awesome way to find myself. Would I recommend to join Get Messy? Hell yeah!!!
Joining Get Messy was the best decision ever – I hadn’t realised there were so many like-minded peeps out there who wanted to preserve and create in the same way as me but since joining my eyes have been opened to a whole new world of possibilities to capture between the pages of a book – whether handmade/handbound or sourced for just the perfect shape and style of paper. I started out as a ‘junk journaler’ but now I’ve created mystical galaxies, transferred portraits and will be making my own leaf and flower press for Spring – yay for Get Messy every day!
REBECCA, Dainty Dora
Joining Get Messy was the best thing I did this year for my art and my soul. The depths of my creativity were previously unmined (I am a women’s health nurse practitioner by day), and art journaling has absolutely changed my life. The community I’ve found through Get Messy is the most supportive, creative, insightful group I’ve ever been part of. I’m hooked.
The Get Messy community has been such an inspiring and motivating force in my quest to make more meaningful, more authentic art. I am so grateful for the continued support I gain from fellow participants, many of whom have become trusted confidants, mentors and friends. I’ve learned and grown so much by getting messy with this wonderful group.
Elizabeth, On Tap for Today
Get Messy is a wonderful community of like minded people who like to create. The weekly prompts are inspirational and the Facebook page creates a special feeling of friendship and community. The GM blog is full of inspirational tips from members and member spotlights. I am so glad I joined GM it is like having a whole other group of friends who ‘get’ you. It has become an important part of my life.
Kinjal, @keggerz
I am bipolar and sometimes I have a really hard time concentrating, or my feelings and awkwardness get in the way of making friendships due to how bizarre and erratic I can be and I’ve found nothing but support and joy in the Get Messy Community.

Every single person is genuinely *nice* and an amazing artist. I’ve been recommending classes and memberships to everyone I know because it is absolutely worth it.

I can’t imagine not having the Get Messy Crew in my life.

I have felt like a frustrated artist most of my adult life. My heart and soul beg to be expressed nonverbally, yet as a pastor, most of my expression comes through speaking. When I joined Get Messy I was it was as if someone had given me a whole new language. I still don’t know all the terms, their meaning or use, but I love being awash in their colors, sounds, and textures. I long for the day when I am fluent, but for now I am content to immerse myself in the pool of creativity.

I am thrilled to have found this soul feeding oasis!

CARDELIA, @therevhd

My biggest challenge prior to joining Get Messy was not having a group of people I felt comfortable with connecting over making art, and feeling encouraged to keep creating and sharing. I’ve only just joined GM but already I feel part of a community and inspired to create every day. I can feel myself getting more confident and open with sharing my art. I’m super happy I have joined and really excited about diving in and having my most creative year yet – thank you Lauren and Caylee and everyone who is a part of Get Messy.

EMILY, Fern & Oak

I found about Get Messy on internet at beginning of 2015. I never art journalled before. I loved the idea that someone brings to me ideas, themes or topics that would give me some hints to start creating. And that is what GM does. I need prompts to think about and follow some ideas in crafting. Then I create, what I love is that now I create sometimes without any prompts, I follow my feelings and that is great. GM helped me to free my mind, find hobby and express my feelings, good or bad. Of course, the supportive community is additional plus to it. As well as great tutorials, hints and tips in crafting. I am really happy I found GM.
I have always been a creative soul, I collect art supplies and have huge ideas but more often than not, life has different plans that don’t include long hours of creative arty projects!

Get messy has been amazing for me. After having my baby boy in March 2014, I had lost sight of my creative side. I was a new mama, in a new house away from my hometown.

Through Get Messy I have made so much art “just because” I needed to. I have channelled my nerves and worries about returning (and now being back at ) work into super productive nap times and I make the most of my evenings. I’ve been inspired again, and found like minded and incredibly talented friends through our lovely “Get Messy” group.

I love seeing how one prompt can take so many directions…It has changed how I feel, I look forward to my art time (and include my sons art too) and I feel more like my old self again. Thank you for sharing such a precious gift.

Get Messy’s brilliant prompts allowed me to explore different art techniques I would have not otherwise tried, and discover my own art journaling style and voice. The Get Messy community never failed to make me feel that it is a safe & encouraging place to share what I had created.

JEANNE, The List Lab

I had never seriously art journaled until I joined Get Messy during the Season of Love. I am so happy to have found Lauren & Caylee. They took me out of my comfort zone and have taught me so much about this very fun art form. Thank you!
Joining Get Messy has changed my life in ways I didn’t even know were possible. I now have a whole group of best friends from all over the world I can call on for support and advice. This group is so inspiring and it’s constantly pushing me to be a better artist.
Get Messy has changed my life, and that’s not an exaggeration. I live in a small apartment and up until this spring, my craft supplies were simply taking up space. More than once I considered whether I should just throw them out. I have always been an artistic person, I took painting classes just for fun as a child and teenager, but after school, I pretty much stopped creating. I guess I just didn’t really know which medium or style was for me. Get Messy has been such a revelation. In my art journal, I can experiment, every page can be a different style if I like, I can play with things, I can get comfortable (slowly) with the idea of sharing my creativity and my art. I have met the most wonderful women, all of whom are hugely inspirational and I feel so excited to continue my path towards finding “my art” and having tons of fun in the process.
JUDITH, Schere Stift Papier
Maybe it was the name “Get Messy” that spoke to me, I really can’t remember. Art journaling turned out to be one of my greatest creative joys, so Get Messy works as a catalyst for all my artsy experiments. I love the prompts and the community, somehow it feels like we’re all connected on a deeper level. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful space for us! Lots of moose-y love to you

ANKE, Anke Art

Get Messy has absolutely changed my life. I have had my creative life expand exponentially and it is still growing daily. The prompts and tutorials have pushed me to try new things and to make my art more intentional. I have seen massive growth in my style, technique and frequency of creating. In addition, the amazing group of people I have met through Get Messy is what has changed my life the most. Art journaling within a community of love, support, and camaraderie is what has made Get Messy a key part of my day to day life.
TORRIE, Fox & Hazel
Get Messy has been so beneficial to me. I am passionate about art journaling but I wasn’t sure if my work would resonate with others. Get Messy has enabled me to share my work without censoring it and to get feedback from a supportive group of creatives. This has enabled me to dig deeper, to stretch and to finally define my style. It has given me the courage to apply on a creative design team which I never would have done before. The accountability and the pleasure that comes from sharing my pages with Get Messians has been an integral part of my journey.
One of the best things I did was join Get Messy, I love that the prompts we are given weekly don’t have be strictly followed and in fact we are encouraged to be inspired and see where a simple instruction takes us. At the moment my job is quite stressful and I have been giving a lot of bad news to people- making me feel slightly like the grim reaper. It’s nice to come home and away from work and pour all the negativity out and create something positive, while being part of a community that will encourage me and always see the best even when I can’t see it.

As I have said before it’s amazing to be part of a group that want to inspire and compliment rather than tear each other down. Everyone is so open to sharing their artwork and no one is worried they are going to be copied and instead are happy that someone has taken an idea away and built on it.

Who needs yoga or therapy I have Get Messy!

Lauren, Lauren Pearl
My biggest challenge was me…. feeling like I was not artistic enough to do art journaling. Once I joined Get Messy, I realized, I could get in there and just create, make it a daily habit, get continual inspiration, and most importantly, feel inspired and proud of my own work.

KRISTEN, @scandkris

I grew because of the prompts and the support from others and tutorials. I’ve created more than I ever have. There’s always something to put down on my blank paper.

I am ecstatic I joined and continued on with my subscription for second year. Everyone is so welcoming and there’s such a variety of artwork and inspiration !

I find Get Messy Art Journal an amazing place for anyone to start with art journaling. I only started art journaling on regular basis after joining the community. I found tons of inspiration and tips on the blog and Facebook group, as well as from the Get Messy pages that people share on Instagram. I love it when we get a lot of prompts to chose from especially the art prompts cause I still have a hard time adding more than a sentence or two on my pages. My most favorite thing so far are the extra challenges (like the Get Messy Art Journaling Game and the Get Messy Thursdays) and blog hops. It’s really nice to interact with everyone in the community as they are all really nice and supportive.

Thanks again for all the effort you put in this, you are doing a truly amazing job.

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