Behind the Scenes

Team Messy

The humans behind the mess

Host and facilitator

Fairy Artmother

Caylee Grey

First and foremost, Caylee Grey is a journaler and artist. She’s also a wife, mom, and the Fairy Artmother of Get Messy.

South African by birth, German by heart, her own art journaling adventure began as a way for her to get messy, ditch perfectionism, stay accountable, and consistently create art. It ended up transforming into something much more than that. Caylee has spent the last decade facilitating Get Messy, a community where she helps other recovering perfectionists embrace the mess and magic of a fulfilling creative life.

Caylee is a recovering perfectionist who believes that more than zero is enough, and that the messy middle is right where the good stuff is.

Support + Logistics




Artist Manager

I look after the artist teachers, chat to those we’re spotlighting, and I keep the glorious community in the loop with things happening around here.



Messy Middle Encourager (Non-Member Support)

🎵 If there was a problem, yo, I’ll solve it 🎵 I’d love for you to send me a message through the Contact page.



Messy Middle Encourager (Member Support)

I’m here to remove as many barriers to creating as possible. I love helping Messians through Support.




Messy Cheerleader

Sasha is a Ukrainian mixed media artist and a proud Messian since 2016. She grew up in a very artistic family of photographers and actors, so she cannot imagine her life without that creative spark brightening up her days. She is into creative memory keeping, art journaling, and sketching. Sasha is your best Messy friend on Instagram as she takes special joy and pride in taking care of the Get Messy account and supporting the diverse art community there. Never hesitate to stop by the comments or DMs to say hello.

Sasha is the proud Get Messy Instagram manager and one of the biggest cheerleaders of all the brave artists who share their hearts and souls through their creations online


Community Encourager

Claudette Hasenjager is a mixed media artist who believes that art heals the soul. It is this deep calling from within that has fueled her passion for exploring various forms of creative expression. Her work reflects the many facets of her inner landscape and gives expression to her multi-passionate personality. Claudette strives to inspire others to heed the call of their own unique creative yearning. 

Claudette has the amazing honor of helping build a deeper sense of community within Get Messy through fun events planned to spark inspiration, support adventurous art-making, and foster a stronger sense of belonging and connection to like-minded people.

Art + Heart

Mentors + Teachers

From blossoming beginners through to prolific pros, Get Messy challenges, supports, high-fives and empowers you with the WHAT and HOW of art journaling so you have everything you need to.

Check out our incredible list of 100+ artists who share their art and heart with you, so that you can make your true art.