Caylee Grey

Get Messy is led by Caylee Grey, a pantless entrepreneur and your fairy artmother, who with a swish and flick of her magic paintbrush empowers humans to live a creative life. She’s been collaborating with artists for a decade and knows a thing or two (okay, like a metric ton of things) about leading creative communities and cultivating and empowering others to cultivate a creative practice. Despite the rumors, she’s not actually a magical fairy being, but a business owner and mixed media artist who squeezes in her own creative time during her tiny human’s naps. Adamant believer in work/life balance and tough love.

The Pantsless Entrepreneur

Caylee started working for herself full time in 2014 as a way to do what she loves, to empower people to live creative lives, and also as a way to avoid wearing pants. She’s South African, but runs a German business which requires reading a lot of business jargon. . . in German, so that makes her officially German by way of South Africa. Besides running her own business as a solopreneur, she interviews other artists to learn their ways and spread that news to others on the How to be an Artist podcast, and she teaches a lot of awesome things like art journaling, productivity, and creative memory keeping.

Your Fairy Artmother

You know the story about Cinderella, right? Well, just imagine that, but replace the blue fairy with a blonde-haired German-South African woman waving around a paintbrush and chattering about the weight of paper, gouache, and different types of glue. Keep the enthusiasm. Replace Cinderella with you, the pumpkin and mice with art supplies, and you’ve got the picture.

Caylee adamantly believes that making art makes us better, happier people. But we often need a permission slip to create and a community to hold us accountable and cheer us on, which is why Get Messy exists.