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#124 Caylee Grey: Creating a Get Messy Community for Artists & #155 Providing a Virtual Community

Ep 64 Creative Chat with Art Journaling Expert Caylee Grey

Ep. 96 // Get Messy w/ Caylee Grey

Fun Ways to Combine Art and Journaling, with Caylee Grey

The Accidental Membership That Became a Six Figure Success with Caylee Grey

137 – Get Messy


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Daily Art Journal Challenge

Dive into a month of art journal prompts with Lauren and Caylee, the enigmatic founders of Get Messy Art Journal. In this 30-day challenge, they’ll lead you through a series of prompts to inspire your creativity and help you get your thoughts, feelings and art onto the page. Learn their favorite techniques for creating vibrant pages full of textures, layers and lettering, and discover the magic of journaling about the ups and downs of everyday life. With daily prompts from Caylee and Lauren, you’ll learn how to make your art journal a place to play, experiment, and be yourself – every single day.

Meditative Art Journaling

Learn how to make a meditative art journal that serves as a container for your hopes, fears, frustrations and more with the founders of Get Messy. You’ll learn how to free write to get what’s in your head onto the page, obliterate it with paint and meditative marks, use watercolor to channel your mood, then add quotes and lettering to complete your page. This small handbound book provides the perfect place to journal and explore your feelings through words and art.

Silva Rerum Art Journal

In Latin, Silva Rerum means “a forest of things.” Using this idea as a starting point, we’ll create a commonplace or everyday book to collect thoughts, ideas, and ephemera from your day-to-day life. Get Messy founder Caylee will show you how to transform a vintage book into your own art journal full of papers you love. Learn Caylee’s favorite methods of layering in vintage and found items while recording your daily life.

Wanderlust 2020

Coming soon…

The Artist Date

Travel journals are one of my favorite ways to create, but there’s no need to wait for a Parisian or Thai overseas escapade. You can have a small adventure in the now—like, tomorrow-kind-of *now*. All you need are a few of your favorite supplies (that—guess what—you already have), and a willingness. I believe in living life deliberately, and part of that is creating everyday adventures. One of the ways I do that is through the artist date. The artist date is a concept by the great Julia Cameron. For me, it’s a way to romance my artist self. Artist dates always lead to a filling of my creative well and an outpouring of art. In this workshop, I’ll take you along on a planned artist date with me, and show you how to incorporate these into your own life.

Art Journaling 101

Have you ever wanted to start an art journal but didn’t know where to begin? Join Caylee Grey and Lauren Hooper for Art Journaling 101, and be inspired to express your thoughts and feelings through art journaling. Lauren and Caylee will help get you started by showing you the basics of art journaling, what tools you can use, how to decide what to say, and more. Find your inspiration and start creating with Caylee and Lauren!

Mini Book Workshop 2016 | Caylee Grey

Cultivate your creativity! Get an inside look at the fun and unique ways Caylee Grey uses her art journal to record her everyday thoughts and stories. You’ll explore fresh techniques for expressing yourself within the pages of your own journal using paint, prompts, patterned paper, and more. Be inspired to get messy and experiment with new skills as you document life through your eyes!

Cut + Paste

Collage with Caylee Grey: See how Caylee adds depth to her art journal pages with collage.

Mixed Media 2015

Acrylic Paint with Caylee Grey: Transform your pocket pages with Caylee as she shows simple ways to personalize your cards.