Get Messy is a catalyst for artistic growth, a guide for creative living through art journaling, a platform for rising artists of all types, and a creative community.

Everything we do is rooted in kindness and being a good human. The community is a place to feel inspired, supported, and accepted.


We believe in…


The beauty of the messy middle, ignoring perfectionism, creating just for creating’s sake, and having fun in art. We grow through play.


We’re action driven. We believe in quality through quantity. Doing the work. Incorporating art into our busy lives rather than living in an attic as a starving artist. We believe in the hustle.


We believe in support and supporting. Women supporting women. Authentic cheerleading. We know that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


At Get Messy we produce more than we consume and we know that the only kind of inspiration that is worth anything is the type that leads to action.


We love what we do and are grateful that we can make art. We are optimistic about our growth in art, and are excited about it.


Everything we do is rooted in kindness and being a good human.

The Get Messy community is a digital open art studio.

Come in with your mug of coffee, wearing your paint stained clothes, and unpack your bag full of art supplies. Pull up a chair, open your journal, and chat as you create. Share your work, celebrate and be celebrated, ask and answer questions, and share your favourite art supplies.

Use this Community to Build your Creativity

When you have questions about what is the best brand, how to use a new medium, are stuck on a page, need some creative accountability but your In Real Life (IRL) friends don’t get it -we are here for you.

We cheer each other on from novice to professional artist

Maybe you’re putting your first mark on a page or maybe you’re the headliner at a gallery show in Paris. No matter where you are, we are here to cheer you on as equals, as artists.

We operate on the pay it forward mantra

What you share will come back to you tenfold. When you come to the community to ask a question consider answering a few questions from others – so you take a little bit and you give back.

We are a gloriously diverse community.

We celebrate art that reflects who the artist is. The beauty of Get Messy being an online community is that we are from all parts of the world and we believe in accepting all cultures, art and experiences that reflect that.

Your vibe attracts your tribe

That saying is all over Pinterest and throw cushions everywhere, but it’s true.

Have you ever told a very long story about how beautiful and smooth your new oil pastels are only to be met by blank stares and an awkward conversation shift?
Us too.

But not here.

Here, we RAVE about art supplies, understand having too many ideas, and know the pains of an artist block.

Get Messy is your type of people.

How to get the most from the community

Share your personal experiences with a product or art struggle someone is going through, even though you might not be the expert. We love personal stories about art experiences. Anyone can google what the best gouache is but no one else can tell that story about how you once spilt a pot of gouache on your cat.

You’re an expert of your own experience and that is just as valid as being a professional.

Community Vibe Killers

We are here to facilitate this amazing community. If you ever see something that doesn’t quite match our community guidelines or is killing the vibe, please reach out to us directly. Here’s a list of vibe killers that we obviously encourage you not to do and will be reaching out if we or other members notice:

  • Technical, membership, or newsletter questions should be sent directly through the Contact page. All technical posts will be removed because we want to make sure we get to you.
  • No self-promotion, such as linking to your website / shop / etc anywhere besides the self-promotion forum (where we’re super excited to celebrate with you).
  • We encourage people to share useful resources, but sharing of competitor information, get rich quick schemes and snake oil selling is prohibited. Duh.
  • Unreasonably negative tone.

Legal stuff

This probably won’t apply to you, because you’re awesome. But we need to put this here cause our lawyer told us to.

We’re here to facilitate an amazing community experience in your art journey. That being said, we’re here in order to protect this safe space. If you break these guidelines or commit community vibe killers, we reserve the right to cancel your membership at anytime, without refund.

  • You may not use, share, copy, sell or create derivative works from any Get Messy content, including but not limited to, courses, media, content, tutorials, and photos. You may not claim any Get Messy content as your own.
  • We retain the right to remove any comments or content we feel are inappropriate, without explanation. Get Messy is not responsible for any comments or content you upload on the Website or through the Service.
  • Please use good judgement and common sense when sharing confidential information within the group. You are responsible for the information you share and the interactions you have with any other participant.
  • Get Messy Art LLC is not responsible for the actions, behaviors or practices of any individual, group, or company that is involved in Get Messy or mentioned by a member in the community.
  • Get Messy’s logo, branding, imagery and photos are all owned by Get Messy LLC and should not be removed, used or claimed without express written permission. All of Get Messy LLC’s ownership in its trademarks, trade dress and copyright is strictly enforced.
  • For the full terms and conditions to use our website and this membership community, please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms + Conditions.

We love this magical community

You guys are what Get Messy is all about. Community and creativity are the greatest gifts we have received and are so grateful that we get to experience it all together with you. Thank you for sharing your artist journey with us. We love every single art achievement you reach and every single splatter of paint you splatter.

Kindness is the backbone of our group. We all need encouragement and support from other people. It’s our mission to provide this amazing space for awesome people just like you.

Thanks for reading through this entire page. If you have any questions, please reach out. We’re so happy to have you as part of our tribe and we look forward to watching you grow in your artistic journey.

Also, know that we love gifs.

Art and love