Your fairy Art Mothers

Caylee + Lauren

Your hosts and mentors here at Get Messy

What began as reading each other’s blogs has turned into a real life 3D friendship where we are the godmothers of each other’s children.

(Lauren’s children are plants)


Minister of internal affairs

Tall and pale

INFJ / Rebel


Minister of foreign affairs

Short and tan

ENFP / Obliger

Caylee Grey

Artist. South African in Germany. Fairy Godmother, Jedi Master, Art Minimalist, Overenthusiastic, Forest Wanderer, Coding Wizard, Habit Keeper, Chairman of the Pants by Choice Club, Colour Muter.


Lauren Hooper

Artist. American in the Emirates. Art Maker, Grace Giver, Photographer of Life, Laugh Enthusiast, Creativity Chaser, Believer in People, Adventure Seeker, Inspiration Aficionado, Street Food Lover, and DIY Fanatic.