Messy Conversations

Ep 005: Art Journaling as a way of documenting life

Messy Conversations is a series of interviews with amazing art journalers who share their favorite tools, tips and why they art journal. You’ll get an exclusive peek into their art journal pages and their process. We have a top-notch line up of incredibly artists who will appear on the show each month. We hope that these interviews educate, encourage and inspire you to make something before it’s even over.

In this Messy Conversation we are interviewing Jules! She is one of our favorite, most colorful art journalers we know. She combines her amazing skills as a designer with her photoshop skills to make some amazing art. Let’s dive in and learn so much and be so enamoured by her adorable accent 


  • How she began art journaling
  • How she incorporates her design work into her pages
  • The difference between her sketchbook and art journal
  • Being OK with doing things quickly
  • How she defines her style
  • Mixing different mediums and techniques together
  • Collaborating with other artists in the Get Messy Community
  • Competition with other art journalers
  • How she uses photoshop to art journal
  • Thoughts on scrapbooking vs art journaling for documenting

Tips for beginners

  1. Just play around.
  2. Just do it.
  3. Don’t look at what others are doing, it will make you feel bad.

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​Extraordinary Thoughts

Just go for it. If it looks bad, cover it up.

If I’m feeling bad, I refused to even look at social media before I start my work because it can make me feel like ‘I could never do that’, but if you’re feeling positive and open to it, it’s the best place to be inspired. I love Pinterest for that. It’s a double edge sword and you have to be careful.

I like the idea of it (scrapbooking) but I don’t like conformity of it. I find it quite restrictive. I want to be more. I want to do something massive. I want to get a broom and push paint around.

I like documenting and sometimes when I look back on an art journal I realize that is what I was doing. Art Journaling is my own version of documenting life.

If something attracts you or sounds interesting to you, just do it. You can always rip it out or paint over it.

The only way to feel happier is to just do it.

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Julia Cusworth

Julia is a British designer and creative enthusiast. She loves to express herself through shape, colour and pattern – living by the ethos of more is more!

I discovered art journaling through Get Messy – it is the only platform I have art journalled through and I think it actually changed my life. I was desperate for a creative outlet and have discovered that, as well as a whole community of like minded friends. Jumping in and sharing my work online was terrifying as well as empowering and I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without get messy or art journalling now! It keeps me sane when I am having a tough time and gives me a focus when I know I want to create, but I don’t know what to create. I have tried so many new techniques that I would never think of trying and my style has evolved so much from the inclusion of others in the group.

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