Messy Conversations

Ep 001: Just do something

Messy Conversations is a series of interviews with amazing art journalers who share their favorite tools, tips and why they art journal. You’ll get an exclusive peek into their art journal pages and their process. We have a top-notch line up of incredibly artists who will appear on the show each month. We hope that these interviews educate, encourage and inspire you to make something before it’s even over.


  • How we met online
  • How Get Messy developed
  • Developing our personal styles
  • How accountability helped us and the program grow
  • How we use the prompts
  • Where we find inspiration
  • Tips for new art journalers

Extraordinary Thoughts

“I didn’t feel like I was creating anything new or anything of mine or finding my artistic style.”


“I wanted to be a certain type of artist and I wanted to be doing things but I just wasn’t and there was no reason why I wasn’t doing them


“That’s what art journaling is about for me. Letting go and letting things be messy and horrible and that’s fine and it’s actually quite pretty”


“That’s what is important and that’s how we evolve and change as artists. We find our style and sit in it for a while, but then we get that itch to grow and evolve more, so we try the new things but it’s uncomfortable when were doing something new an unknown and we don’t know if that’s going to be our thing or not. But art journaling gives you the perfect medium to do that in.”


Extraordinary Thoughts on The Freedom of Art Journaling

“Because it’s such an open art form it’s always evolving and every day I’m finding something new that I can try or that I want to do and it just influences so many other areas that, it’s just like a natural extension. It just kind of ebbs and flows into other things”


“The art journal is kind of a place where you can make all of your mistakes and if you don’t like something, so what, you turn the page, you know? It’s not going to change anything.”


Tips for Newbies/Getting Started

  • Scroll the Instagram hashtag #getmessyartjournal to find a technique or style that you want to try
  • Find something you like and copy it, it will never turn out the same, it will get you started, teach you something new and help you develop your style
  • Choose one element from a page that you like and use that as your base or starting point
  • Just do it.
  • Set a consistent time to work each week/day
  • Create a challenge for yourself to get started by picking three elements
  • Use the prompts from Get Messy!


Caylee’s first Get Messy blog post
Sabine (our first ‘member’ to join!)
First prompts & Link ups
Ashley Goldberg’s class Paint. Plan. Play. (retired)
Creative Team Member: Essie (whose work is amazing as inspiration)
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